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Will you be my valentine?

Send Senator Rubio Some Valentines Day Love:

It's that time of year again.  And you may think that you don't have a Valentine, but you do. He's just too afraid to let his love show. Which is why we have to make the first move, and let Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) know that if he wants to love the DREAM Act, we'll love him back too.

It's a modern day love affair, everyone, and we've just got to throw out the rules and go for it. So send Senator Rubio a Valentine and let him know- we're not afraid to let our love show.  It's time to get together and create some sweet, sweet, pro-migrant legislation for the immigrant youth movement.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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This #ValentinesDay, send @MarcoRubio a Guarapo on behalf of all immigrant youth http://bit.ly/rubiolove

After @MarcoRubio sees this #ValentinesDay card, he'll love #immigrant youth more than pan con bistec http://bit.ly/rubiolove #DreamAct

Hey @MarcoRubio, we know you want to ask us out. Today’s the perfect day to do it. http://bit.ly/rubiolove

@MarcoRubio, we’re tired of waiting. We’re asking you out first. Here’s our card. http://bit.ly/rubiolove

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To Senator Marco Rubio:

Dear Marco,

We're writing to you because we know you're in love with us.

You can't fight this pro-migrant feeling any longer, and yet you're still afraid to let it flow. What started out as political courting has grown stronger, and you only wish you had the cojones to let it show.

As the son of Cuban immigrants, we know that your parents would love for you to find a nice immigrant partner to settle down with and create sensible pro-migrant policies. Don't deny it. Just a few weeks ago in January, you were telling people that this country needed to “figure out a way to accommodate” young illegal immigrants who “want to serve in the military or are high academic achievers.”

Just give us a try. Say our name, when no one is around you, and say, "DREAM Act, I love you.

The Immigrant Youth Movement

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