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Bring #Reform150 Home: Reform Starts With Us!


The #Reform150 represents a group of 150 families’ interested in coming home, to the United States. These families have been torn away from their homes here, and are now fighting to be reunited.

The #Reform150 stories are that of forced deportations, racist police stops, checkpoints, greyhound checks, and families forced to flee post hate filled legislation like that of sb1070.

No one should be forced to stay away from their children; no one should be forced to live in a country they barely remember. For many, the #BringThemHome campaign is their only chance of returning to the US.

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The Petition

To President Obama:

I urge you to exercise discretion in the handling of the #Reform150’s cases and allow them to return home. These are the American families that are raising children, working hard, and building a life here. I urge you to take immediate action to reunite these families by bringing their mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, home to the United States.

Fathers like Florencio, who was deported from the United States after having resided in Florida for 28 years. Florencio’s story, like all of the other #Reform150’s stories, is a story of courage in the face of unbelievable odds. Florencio has 4 children and his 23-year old daughter, Joselyn, is a U.S. Army Specialist. Joselyn is proud to serve the United States and longs to be reunited with her father.

Theysy, another of the #Reform150, lived in Georgia and Alabama. She left in 2011 after both states passed anti-immigrant legislation. This legislation was targeting immigrants just like Theysy by making life so difficult that they be forced to leave. Theysy left after a hospital refused to provide her with medical care despite the fact that she was pregnant. Theysy had no choice but to leave; her life and the life of her unborn baby depended on it.

Lucero Acosta lived in New York until she was deported in 2011, only a few months before DACA. Lucero and her brother were detained and both refused to sign their deportation paperwork telling the agents that they were DREAM Act students. ICE agents intimidated both of them into signing. Lucero has a serious health condition which gets worse under stress and vomited on herself while agents berated her. She felt felt hopeless, scared and sick and finally signed her deportation. Lucero was months away from starting college. In Mexico, Lucero was kidnapped by cartels and fears for her life.

These stories are the stories of the #Reform150. These are the stories of American families who have been torn wronged. Now is the time for us to right that wrong, to bring these families home, and to show what America really stands for.

Bring the #Reform150 Home.

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