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Sen. Bennet: Is this Colorado Family a National Security Risk?

Esmeralda, and her children are eligible for release on discretion. This is something that ICE does on a regular basis, when it isn't being told by leadership in Washinton D.C. otherwise. If released Esmeralda and her kids would reunite with family in Colorado, therefore we need Sen. Bennet to take a stand for this family, and to tell the Director of DHS, Jeh Johnson that this family is NOT a risk to our national security.

Take Action: Make a Call

Sen. Bennet's office in Washington D.C.: 202-224-5852Sen. Bennet's office in Denver: 303-455-7600 "Hi, I was calling to ask that Sen. Bennet take a stand for Esmeralda (A#202-072-718) and her two boys, 10 and 13. This Central American family fled El Salvador after the gangs threatened to murder all of them. This family is NOT a national security risk, as ICE is classifying them. I want the Senator to do something about these kids being held in detention for no reason. Does the Senator think this Colorado family is a threat to American's national security?"

Background on the Familia:

Esmeralda and her two sons, 10 and 13, are detained at the Karnes Family Detention Center
in Texas. Esmeralda has already passed her credible fear interview, proving that she has an asylum case to fight and is eligible for parole.

This family fled El Salvador after their 16-year old son was recruited by local gangs. For refusing to join the entire family was given 1 week to live.

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The Petition

Dear Director of ICE/DHS & President Obama:

I write to ask for the immediate release of Esmeralda Bolanos (A#202-072-718), and her two sons, 10 and 13, from the Karnes Family Detention Center in Texas. While detained Esmeralda has passed her credible fear interview, allowing her to fight her asylum case.

Esmeralda, her husband and their five children fled from El Salvador earlier this summer after their 16-year old son was threatened after refusing to join a gang. The family was told they had 1 week to live. Esmeralda and her husband made the decision to leave, coming her to the United States to seek asylum.

Esmeralda’s family had no choice but to flee El Salvador; they had witnessed neighbors murdered for not following the gang’s orders. Prior to fleeing Esmeralda’s family even attempted to get help from the police, they reported the threats and turned over their sons phone, however police refused to help.

The family traveled by bus and foot for two weeks, turning themselves in at the border in Brownsville, Texas. At the border Esmeralda’s husband, and three children, 16, 6 and 4 were released to family in Aurora, Colorado. Esmeralda, and her other two children were detained.

I write to ask for the immediate release of Esmeralda and her 10 and 13 year old sons. Children should never been detained, especially when they have been found to have a credible fear of persecution in El Salvador. This family is NOT a flight risk, nor are they a risk to the community. Reunite Esmeralda and her kids with their family in Aurora, Colorado.

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