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Senator Bunning (KY) Co-sponsor the Dream Act

Targeting: Senator Bunning (KY)

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“Hi my name is __________ and I am calling to ask that Senator Bunning co-sponsor the DREAM Act, S.729.  The DREAM Act is a bill that would allow for students like Julio who have grown up in this country most of their lives but still have no legal status to fix their status by either  going to college or joining the military.  I know Senator Bunning was a big help in stopping Julio's recent deportation, but the only way to make sure Julio does not get deported is to get the DREAM Act passed.  I hope to see the Senator co-sponsor Julio's DREAM!

Thank you.”

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To Senator Bunning:

Dear Senator Bunning,

“Words cannot express the gratitude I feel; I would like to thank you for your help and support. This is just a little thank you, and I want you to know that all I dream to accomplish is a university degree so I can give back to my country, the United States of America, just like you have. I know that it’s not over for me nor all the Dreamers waiting to truly be free, so once again I ask for your support and action,” expressed Julio Martinez, a resident of Kentucky and eligible beneficiary of the DREAM Act.

As supporters of Julio, both voting citizens and fellow Dreamers, we thank you very much for your support and actions that resulted in Julio Martinez’ release from ICE detention on April 1st, 2010. Though Julio was released from detention, he still faces near certain deportation. His lawyer is now doing all she can under current immigration law to secure him a place in the United States and out of the shadows. However, as current laws state, an immigrant child like Julio is still held liable for the actions and decisions adults made on his behalf. That is to say, Julio still might not have a chance to achieve his dreams of representing the United States on the soccer field or as the potential college graduate he could be.

We want to urge you to co-sponsor the DREAM Act (SB 729). By doing this, Julio will be able to complete his education, serve in his church, and provide for his family. As his little brother Richard, a native of Frankfort, KY, stated in a meeting just last week, “Julio is my hero. I want to be like him one day and go to college and make my community proud.”

Julio, like many DREAM Act qualifying students, is waiting for the day when they can say thank you by giving back to the country and to the communities they love.

The DREAM Act is an important piece of tough but fair legislation that would give the option to immigrant children, who arrived in the country as minors, to earn legalization. These children adopted with great pride the culture, traditions and values of the United States; yet they are unable to fully function as contributing citizens because they have limited or no opportunity to go to college or join the military; they cannot work; and they cannot get a driver’s license.

We are very grateful for your support of our efforts and of Julio thus far. Words cannot express our gratitude to you for giving Julio a chance at contributing to the country he loves. Please co-sponsor the DREAM Act so that the harsh reality of fearing deportation and living in the shadows may be replaced with the opportunity for all DREAM students to realize the American Dream!

Thank you.

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