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Stop Julio's Deportation!

Targeting: To Senator Mitch McConnel, Rep. Chandler, Secretary Napolitano and Assistant Secretary John Morton

Julio is facing deportation and needs our help now.

1) Call Janet Napolitano, Director of Department of Homeland Security, and leave comments of support for Julio and also ask that DHS stop his deportation: 202-282-8495

**note this is an answering machine, once it is full it is out of commission for day. Fill it up now with calls supporting Leslie.

2) Call Assistant Secretary to ICE, John Morton and leave a message urging him to take action and defer Julio’s deportation: 202.732.3000. This is a live comment line, i.e. a human being will pick up and take your message.  Be very polite “I am calling to leave a message of support for Julio, I ask that Director Morton defer Julio’s deportation, he is an asset to this country.” 

Note: **You may be advised to redirect your call to the Florida field office, whose number is below.  It is still important for the D.C. office to register the number of calls received on his behalf.

Sign the petition to the right to demand that Julio be let go immediately!

All you have to do is fill in your details at the top and click send at the bottom.

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The Petition

To Senator Mitch McConnell, Rep. Chandler, Secretary Napolitano and Assistant Secretary John Morton:

I am writing to request that you take action to immediately halt the deportation of Julio Martinez (case #A077-694-249). On Wednesday morning, March 17th, 2010, Julio was arrested by immigration officials claiming he had missed a court date when he was only 7 years-old. Julio now sits in a jail in Kenosha County awaiting deportation.

Julio Cesar Martinez Delgado is a freshman at Bluegrass Community and Technical College, and a graduate of Franklin County High School; he was a member of the varsity soccer team. On Monday, March 22nd, Julio turned 19 years old.

He barely knows his family in Honduras because most of them are here in the US. Also, there is a lot of crime in Honduras and his family is scared for his safety. Julio is a great young man, and he is an active member of his church where he was a leader in the church band. Also, he was working to put himself through college financing out of his own pocket his education because he was not eligible for neither Federal nor state-level financial aid just like many other students in his situation. Nonetheless, his education is important to him and he desperately wants to study so that one day he can contribute to his community and to the country he loves and calls home.

We ask that you consider the special circumstances surrounding Julio Martinez’ case. He was only 7 years old when he was assigned to appear in immigration court with his mother. It is obvious that given his young age, Julio did not make the decision to enter into the U.S. without authorization or to miss an appointment important to his immigration case. Having spent his formative years in the U.S., Julio deeply identifies with this country. Deportation will send him back to a country that has become a foreign place to him, separate him from his family, and bring undue hardship to him and his family.

Julio’s case merits an administrative closure that would allow him to complete his education in the United States. In view of his family's modest economic circumstances, his only hope for completing his college education and fulfilling his professional aspirations is here in the United States. For him to have to leave the United States at this time would be tragic given his potential for further academic and professional success.

We urge you to immediately take action to stop Julio’s deportation.

Thank You

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