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Stop the Deportation of Jose Antolin Castillo (A#089-951-978) - Detained at Shogun Raid!

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Call ICE Director John Morton (202-732-3000)
Charlotte Office (704-672-6990) 

Script: “I am calling to urge you to stop the deportation of Jose Antolin Castillo (A# 089-951-978), one of the workers detained at a raid that happened at the Shogun Buffet in Asheville, NC. At Shogun Buffet, he was a victim of labor abuse and wage theft. He has lived and worked in the United States for many years. If he is forced to leave the country, he faces potential death. Jose's case is low priority for deportation and he should be granted prosecutorial discretion.”

On November 29, 2011, ICE raided the Shogun Buffet & Hibachi Grill in Asheville, North Carolina. They pulled out of a van and placed the restaurant on lockdown. In all, 12 workers were taken and put in deportation proceedings. Jose is one of the workers still fighting his deportation.

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To Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security; John Morton, Immigration & Customs Enforcement Director: 

II am writing to call for your immediate action to stop the deportation of Jose Antolin Castillo (A#089-951-978). Jose was among the workers who were arrested at a raid that took place at the Shogun Buffet & Hibachi Grill in Asheville, NC. 

Jose Antolin fled to the United States many years ago, after a man there attempted to murder him and then threatened to kill him once he was released from jail and saw Jose again. Not only does Jose fear for his life if he were to be deported to El Salvador, but he also fears the violent turmoil that his country of origin is currently undergoing. Jose has no criminal record and is not a threat to public safety; therefore he is a low priority case for deportation. 

On November 29th, 2011, ICE raided the Shogun Buffet & Hibachi Grill in Asheville, North Carolina. After they were told by ICE officials that they were only being taken as witnesses to an investigation, all of the undocumented workers, including Jose, were placed into removal proceedings. These workers had also been victims of wage theft at  the Shogun Buffet, making less than $5 per hour. The restaurant owners would often have the workers work 12-hours a day, six days a week with little to no breaks. The workers of Shogun, including Jose are currently seeking approximately $69,000 in back wages; should they be deported they’ll never have their day in court. 

Jose was a victim of wage theft at the Shogun Buffet. If deported, he will be forced to leave the country, facing potential death in El Salvador.

When President Obama took office he made it a promise that his administration would no longer participate in work-site raids. The Shogun raid should never have happened. In June of 2011 John Morton, the Director of ICE, issued a memorandum regarding the use of prosecutorial discretion for low-priority cases; Jose Antolin Castillo (A#089-951-978) meets this criteria and his immigration case should immediately be terminated. 

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