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Deported for No Driver's License? Tell ICE to Keep Oscar Home in NC!

Last year, Oscar Canales had a minor traffic accident in Greensboro, NC on his way to work. He was arrested for driving with no license and unjustly detained for over a month before he was released under supervision.

Since his release, Oscar has been diagnosed with Depression and is on medication. To make matters worse, he was told to show up at ICE office with one way ticket to El Salvador on April 8th, 2014.


Call Charlotte ICE @ (704) 672-6990

Sample Script: “Hi, I am calling to ask that Oscar Canales' (A#098-935-658) April 8th deportation be stopped immediately. Oscar has been living in the U.S. for nearly 10 years and has US citizen children who need him home. Stop his deportation now!”

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To Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson and President Obama:

I am writing to call on ICE to stop the deportation of Oscar Canales-Berrios (A# 098-935-658) set for April 8th, 2014.

On April 5th, 2013, Oscar was arrested after a minor traffic accident in Greensboro, NC. The cops were immediately called to the scene. When asked for his driver's license, Oscar could not provide it because he cannot get one - North Carolina does not issue driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants. In cooperation with the police, Oscar showed the only identification he had from his country of origin, El Salvador. Oscar was then placed in the custody of ICE. He was eventually released from Stewart Detention Center on an order of supervision. But the damage to his family was already done. His baby girl and his wife experienced extreme emotional and financial hardship without him and are suffering yet again as they fear separation from him on April 8, 2014. Furthermore, Oscar has been diagnosed with Depression and is on medication since his release.

In 2005, Oscar came to the US in search of a better life. He was caught by immigration authorities as he was crossing the border. He was then detained for 6 hours and then released. He was not told he would have to show up at immigration court or when. Since then, he has been working and contributing to the North Carolina. He’s a dedicated husband and loving father of two US citizen children - Baby Karen and Stefany. He is the primary breadwinner and attends church with his family every Sunday. Oscar is also an entrepreneur and was in the process of starting his own roofing company when he was detained. Returning to El Salvador is not an option for Oscar; his family depends on him for financial and emotional stability and he's afraid of the growing violence there.

According to the Morton Memo, Oscar is a low priority for deportation. He should be granted favorable exercise of prosecutorial discretion so he and his family can heal from the emotional and physical strain brought upon them by his detention. Oscar has been living in the United States for almost 10 years, has 2 US citizen daughters who need him home, and has no criminal record.

I urge you to stop the deportation of Oscar Canales-Berrios (A# 098-935-658) set for April 8th, 2014 and call on ICE to keep him home in the Tarheel State.

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