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Arrested in County Found to Discriminate Against Latinos: Stop The Deportation of Isaias!

Isaias was stopped by an Alamance County police officer who arrested him for driving without a license. Alamance County is the same county where a Department of Justice investigation found law enforcement targets and discriminates the immigrant community. So, why is Isaias facing deportation next Friday? 

Help us stop his deportation by making a phone call and signing the petition!


Call ICE – John Morton @ 202-732-3000 or 202-732-3100

Sample Script: “Hi, I was calling to ask that ICE remove Isaias Valles Castejon (A# 205-213-704) order for Voluntary Departure.  Isaias has been living in the U.S. for 7 years and has two U.S. citizen children who need him home. Please don't separate this family.”

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The Petition

To Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton, and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

I am writing to urge you to remove Isaias Valles Castejon's (A# 205-213-704) order for Voluntary Departure. Isaias has been living in the U.S. for almost 7 years and is the primary breadwinner in his family. He is the father of two U.S. citizen children who need him home. Please don't separate this family. According to the Morton Memo, he is a low priority deportation and should be granted discretion.

On April 2012, Isaias borrowed his brother’s car to go to work to provide for his family. An Alamance County Law Enforcement Officer checked the car’s plate and saw that the owner of the vehicle had an expired insurance policy. The officer proceeded to stop Isaias and asked him for his driver’s license. Isaias was arrested after he was unable to provide a “proper” identification and is now in deportation proceedings. This does not come as a surprise, since Alamance County Law Enforcement has an unfortunate history of discrimination against Latinos that was investigated and substantiated by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Isaias is the main provider for his family and, if deported, his wife and two young children will suffer emotionally and financially.

Isaias is originally from Mexico and came to the United States in 2006 in search of a better life and better opportunities. He has lived in North Carolina for almost 7 years and has built a life in this country. Returning back to Mexico is not an option for Isaias and it would mean separation from his two children and wife, who depend on him for emotional and financial support.

According to the memo issued by John Morton, Isaias is a low priority case and should be granted favorable exercise of prosecutorial discretion. If deported, Isaias will be separated from his wife and his two U.S. citizen children. People should not be deported for trying to make a living, as Isaias was trying to do. Please don’t separate this family.

I urge you to remove Isaias Valles Castejon's (A# 205-213-704) order for Voluntary Departure and immediately stop his deportation.

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