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North Carolina says NO to HB11

North Carolina Representative Cleveland wants to ban undocumented students from pursuing higher education. His bill, HB11, demonizes hard-working, tax-paying North Carolina youth.

We believe all students deserve the opportunity to continue their education, regardless of status. Sign the petition to oppose HB11!


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To Speaker Thom Tillis:

We, the undersigned, oppose HB11, a bill that would ban undocumented high school graduates from attending North Carolina’s public universities and community colleges.

As the author of this hateful bill, Representative George Cleveland, has proven he doesn’t want hard-working, taxpaying North Carolina youth to go to college.

Recently, a member of the NC DREAM Team, an organization fighting for immigrant youth in North Carolina, e-mailed Cleveland to express their disappointment over the introduction of HB11. Within hours, Rep. Cleveland sent back this bigoted and fact-less response:

“I find it revolting that an American thinks that we should financially support people that cannot legally work in this country through taxpayer subsidized education. If you feel so strongly about this issue, find an illegal and pay for their education at a private university.”

Rep. Cleveland should know that the IRS has been giving undocumented immigrants 9-digit Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers since 1996. Therefore, undocumented youth have been paying income tax their entire working lives and deserve to continue their education. If Cleveland doesn’t know that, he has no business making immigration policy.

This legislation does nothing but demonize a small number of hard-working, taxpaying youth. The North Carolina General Assembly members should know that this bill does nothing but bring hate into our state and should never make it to the floor.

We, the undersigned, oppose HB11 and urge Speaker Tillis to do the same.

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