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Father of 4, Labor Activist, Brooklyn community member for 26 years faces deportation

-Miguel Chamol has lived in the US for over 26 years. He has 4 children and a loving wife who are fighting to stop his deportation.

-Miguel serves as president of the New York Communities for Change Worker's Committee and is a leader in the local community.

-Miguel's children have suffered the horrors of deportation before and should not have to endure this once again.

-Miguel's youngest son is only 2 years old and asks for his daddy every single day, he hasn't been eating reguarly.

Make a call:

Please make a call:

1. Call New York ICE Field Office Director: Christopher Shanahan: (212)264-5085

2. Call New York ICE Assistant Field Office Director Scott Mechkwoski:  (212)264-0565

Sample Script: 
“Hi, I am calling to ask that ICE immediately release Miguel Chamol A#074756288 from the Hudson County Detention facility.  Miguel has 4 children and has lived in Brooklyn for over 26 years. He is a devout father, husband and community leader. Please release Miguel so he can reopen his case and remain here in the only place he knows as home."  

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The Petition

To New York ICE Field Office Director, Christopher Shanahan and ICE Acting Director, Daniel H. Ragsdale :

I am writing to demand that you stop the deportation of Miguel Chamol (A#074756288) so he can reopen his case and return home to his family and community here in Brooklyn where has has lived for over 26 years. Miguel is currently detained at the Hudson County Detention Facility.

Miguel has a wife and 4 US citizen children, the youngest being only 2 years old. Miguel’s children and wife are suffering because of his detention and the danger of deportation; his youngest son has not being eating and constantly asks about his daddy.

Miguel had a work authorization permit and tried to adjust his status when a frivolous lawyer told him he could legalize his status only so he could take his money. The lawyer filed paperwork that left Miguel with a deportation order of which he was never informed. Miguel was consequently deported after armed ICE agents came to his house and arrested him when he was on his way to drop off his son at school. Miguel recalls that his son blamed himself for the arrest because he was with him in the car.

I understand Miguel has been previously deported, but I also know the damage that deportations cause on hard-working families like Miguel’s. The desire to be reunited with his family and provide for them is what brought Miguel back - and what brings many deportees back every day. With an estimated 1,000 deportations per day, the number of people who are ripped from our communities and forced to come back is quite alarming. If Miguel hadn’t been deported in the first place, he wouldn’t have been forced to return to the place he considers home.

I also understand that Miguel has a misdemeanor charge - which has not been resolved in court even though the charges against him were dropped. But I believe that whatever the outcome of his charge is, people deserve a second chance and that another deportation would be a price too high to pay for him and his family who has suffered he terror of his deportation before. His wife Elena is fighting alongside him to ensure that the charges are dropped. Miguel is the main supporter of his wife and 4 children and the family is now struggling to pay their bills.

Miguel is an important part of the labor and immigrant social justice movement in this country, he currently serves as President of the New York Communities for Change Worker’s Committee, and his deportation would be a huge loss to the community. I stand with Miguel and his family as he fights for the right to remain in this country he calls home.

Please grant Prosecutorial Discretion and release him immediately so he can return home to his family and community.


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