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In spite of laws protecting minors, Angel set to be deported!

1.     Call Assistant ICE Field Director Matthew Baker: (281) 774-4681
2.     ICE Director John Sandweg: (202) 732-3000  

Sample Script: "I am calling to ask that ICE release Angel Guillen (A # 206-247-917) from detention because he is eligible for a green card as a special immigrant juvenile. He was already beaten by gang members in El Salvador and faces certain death if he retrns there. It is cruel and inhumane to detain a minor that Congress intended to protect. Thank you.  

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To DHS Director Jeh Johnson and ICE Director John Sandweg:

I’m writing to stop the deportation of Angel Guillen (A# 206-247-917). Angel is only 18 years old and faces certain death if he is forced to return to El Salavdor.

Congress made a law to protect Angel Guillen, an 18 year old minor who is eligible for a Green card as a Special Immigrant Juvenile (“SIJ”)

Yet ICE is prioritizing the Angel’s deportation.

He fled his native country of El Salvador after he was almost beaten to death by members of violent street gangs. Additionally, he had a troubled childhood, which is what makes him eligible for SIJ. When he entered the United States by land, he was detained by CBP officials and has been locked up in detention in Texas like a criminal for 4 months now.

Angel can only apply for SIJ status if he is released from detention and allowed to live with his members of his family in New York.

ICE headquarters has already denied his attorney’s request to exercise discretion by releasing him from detention. When ICE was asked why they were prioritizing the deportation of a minor that Congress intended to protect, ICE responded that: “We are in the business of deportation.”

Thank you,

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