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Stop Wilfredo's Deportation - His Ailing U.S. Citizen Son Needs Him

Wilfredo's 4-year-old U.S. citizen son has allergies so severe that he sometimes has to be hospitalized. Wilfredo is his sole financial provider.

In spite of never being convicted of a crime and his young son having a severe medical ailment, Wilredo is set to be deported.


National ICE @ 202-732-3000 or 202-732-3100

Sample Script: 
"Hi, I am calling to ask ICE grant a stay of removal for Wilfredo Ayala Castillo (A# 098-651-976) and stop his deportation. His 4-year-old son is a U.S. citizen with severe medical ailments and he desparately needs his father, his sole financial supporter and best friend. Please stop Wilfredo's deportation!"

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To President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson:

I am writing to ask that ICE grant an emergency stay of removal for Wilfredo Ayala Castillo (A# 098-651-976) and stop his deportation.

Wilfredo is the most important person in the life of his 4-year-old U.S. citizen son Justin, who suffers from severe food allergies that are so bad at times that hospitalization is required.

On March 3, ICE denied his request for prosecutorial discretion even though he clearly falls under the guidelines set forth in the Morton Memorandum and in the Sandweg Directive because he has a U.S. citizen child who suffers from a severe medical ailment, has resided in the U.S. since 2005, has no criminal history, and has only nominal ties to his native country of Honduras.

The field director of the New Jersey ICE office tried to justify the decision by saying "The immigration history of this case, when balanced against the positive factors you raise and the agency's goals, do not warrant a positive exercise of discretion." This is unacceptable. Wilfredo has a removal order from 2005, but his son's life should not be sacrificed for the agency's goals of removing as many individuals as possible irrespective of how it will devastate vulnerable members of our community.

Please grant a stay of removal for Wilfredo so that his son does not lose his dad forever.

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