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New Version of DREAM is Out

So more details will come in the next few days when the bill is published, but a new DREAM Act bill was introduced today. 

The new bill is a bit different from the current version, but not by that much.  Everything is the same but the changes are pretty much:

–     10 years of temporary status vs. the previous 6 years
–     Specifically barring DREAMers from access to health care subsidies etc.
–     Age cap is 30 vs. the previous of 35
–     Removal of the language that would have not punished states for providing in-state tuition

Everything else is pretty much the same.  The actual text of the bill will be up on www.thomas.gov in a few days, it’ll be Senate bill 3999.

Why the new bill?

Because we have to pass something immigration related this year and we have to be willing to compromise.  Republicans have been complaining about the age cap so it was changed.  Republicans have been complaining about “criminals will qualify” so it was explicitly put in the bill that folks will need a background check.  A few other things were added to make sure that republicans will be out of excuses not to support this bill.

Many republicans should now be in full support of this legislation, our job is going to be to make sure they are.  Check out the target list and call!

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