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Wondering what happened? Wondering what's next?

Well, first of all, in case you were wondering, everybody has done such an incredible job that DREAMActivist.org got hacked by some haters... but don't worry, we'll be back really soon.

Tuesday's vote was basically a vote as to whether or not the Senate would take up discussion on the Department of Defense's budget- the Defense Authorization Bill.

The plan was to attach the DREAM Act as an amendment to that bill. But there was a little problem. If you heard the floor speeches, you heard that most senators were talking about Don't Ask Don't Tell. That's because DADT was in the actual TEXT of the bill- not as an amendment, but literally part of the bill. So when Senators voted not to move forward, it was mostly based on their (unwarranted, in our opinion) opposition to DADT.

That means that we didn't even get a chance to debate the merits of the DREAM Act- we didn't even get a vote.

In the next couple weeks, you're going to start hearing things: that DREAM can't stand on its own two feet, that it's over, that "well, we tried... don't forget to vote in November!"

Do NOT drink the kool-aid.  We didn't even get a vote.  And if anybody tries to say that it was a vote on the DREAM Act, they're not paying attention or they're trying to get us to give it up.

If you watched the floor speeches, you know that we learned a lot about different senators.  We took notes.  We heard them talk about procedure, about up and down votes, and a lot of them talked about wanting to discuss the merits of the DREAM Act, and only the DREAM Act, without a bundled package of other reforms.

Fair enough.  They want to talk about the DREAM Act, and just the DREAM Act?  We'll take it.  Over 70% of the country supports the DREAM Act.  Corporations like Microsoft and Pfizer support the DREAM Act, universities from Harvard to the University of California support the DREAM Act, communities of faith support the DREAM Act, shoot, even Ricky Martin supports the DREAM Act.

We need a stand-alone DREAM Act.

Let's triple our efforts. More phone calls.  More actions.  We have set the goal of a stand-alone DREAM Act in Congress. Let's do it.

Give Senator Harry Reid a ring:

Dial: 1-202-224-3121 and ask to leave a message for Senator Reid:

"Hi I am calling to ask that senator Reid stop playing politics with the DREAM Act. I am calling to ask that he immediately bring it up for a vote as a stand-alone bill. Thank you."

Back to the trenches, folks.  Let's go.

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