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Stop Minhaz's Deportation!

URGENT: On Friday, November 4th, Minhaz was forced to wear an electronic ankle bracelet and has to present a one-way plane ticket to Bangladesh, a country he hasn't been to in 20 years, on November 18th!

Minhaz's father lost his asylum case and was deported back to Bangladesh where he was murdered for his political affiliations. Now Minhaz has to go through the traumatic experience of fighting his deportation to a country where he could suffer the same fate.

Please take immedate action to stop Minhaz's deportation!


1. Call DHS – Janet Napolitano (202-282-8495) and ICE – John Morton (202.732.3000)

Sample Script: "I am calling to ask that DREAM-Eligible student Minhaz Khan (A# 70663420) be allowed to stay in the U.S. Minhaz came to the United States when he was only 4 years old. Minhaz is a college graduate with a degree in Neuroscience and wants to contribute back to the only country he calls home. Don't deport DREAMer Minhaz Khan."


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The Petition

To Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

We, the undersigned, write to humbly request that you take immediate action to stop the deportation of Minhaz Khan (A# 70663420)

Minhaz arrived in the United States, from Bangladesh, when he was only four years old. Now 24, he has proven to be an outstanding member of his community. Despite calling the United States his home, he finds himself fighting his deportation to a country he hasn’t been to in twenty years.

Soon after Minhaz arrived in the United States, his father applied for political asylum in order to remain in the country. Minhaz’s father lost his asylum case and was deported back to Bangladesh. Because of his past political affiliations, Minhaz's father was murdered after his arrival. This terrible ordeal has left Minhaz carrying an ankle bracelet with him at all times and has caused the loss of his father. If Minhaz is deported, he could be sent to a country where he could suffer the same fate.

Minhaz has always been an outstanding student. He attended middle school and high school in California and recently graduated from University of California Riverside with a degree in Neuroscience. As a recent college graduate, he has big dreams and aspirations of helping his community and become a role model for other students. Minhaz exemplifies what it means to be an American and should be allowed to stay in the U.S. to live his American Dream. If he is deported, he will be separated from his mother and younger sister who depend on him and need him in the U.S. Please keep Minhaz in the United States where he belongs.

Minhaz would qualify for the DREAM Act, a narrowly tailored bill that majorities in both the House and Senate voted to support this past December. Both President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano have stated that DREAM Act eligible youth are not a priority for deportation. In a recent announcement, Secretary Napolitano stated new guidelines for Prosecutorial Discretion. According to these guidelines, Minhaz is not deemed a priority for removal by DHS and merit a favorable exercise of discretion. The Obama administration has said they will no longer deport immigrant youth, but Minhaz still has an electronic bracelet and ICE is still pursuing his deportation. We demand that Minhaz’s bracelet be removed immediately and that his deportation be stopped.

We, the undersigned, urge you to stop the deportation of Minhaz Khan (A# 70663420)

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