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Meet Jessica and Noah. Jessica's fiancée Miguel spent the last 10 months in immigration detention.  Noah misses his father. Jessica recently gave birth to the couple's second baby, Isaac, and would like nothing more than to be reunited with her family. Jessica can't stop thinking of Miguel and needs him by her side to raise their two boys together! This family needs to be reunited!


 Call ICE - John Morton @ 202.732.3000

"Hi I  am calling to ask that Miguel Orellana (A# 094-320-156) be reunited with his family. His fiancée just gave birth to the family's second baby and she wants nothing more than to be reunited with Miguel so they can raise their two sons together. Let Miguel out."

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To Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton, and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

We, the undersigned, write to request that you release Miguel Orellana Garcia (A# 094-320-156) from York County Jail in Pennsylvania so he can be with his family while he fights his deportation.

Miguel was born in El Salvador and was brought to the United States, in 1996, when he was only nine years old. Miguel is currently detained at York County Jail in Pennsylvania where he is awaiting deportation to El Salvador. Miguel could be deported any day now. He has an appeal pending in federal court, but ICE is making arrangements to deport him now.

If Miguel is deported, he will be separated from his fiancée and their two children, Noah (4) and Isaac (3 months). Miguel’s dream is to be able to stay in the United States to raise his two children. Miguel is pursuing his G.E.D. in detention so he can better provide for his family. As a dedicated father, Miguel wants to set a good example for his two children by obtaining his G.E.D and continuing his education.

Miguel has three U.S. citizen siblings and a mother who would be separated from him if he were to be deported. If deported, Miguel’s entire family will suffer and Jessica will be forced to raise their children without their father. We urge you to help us keep this family together by stopping Miguel’s deportation.

When he was 19, Miguel was arrested for underage drinking. He had been driving and his blood alcohol level was measured at 0.02 percent, one-fourth the legal limit. Later, he pled guilty in 2007 and 2009 to possession of marijuana. He was sentenced to 30 days probation and no jail time for each of those two cases. Miguel was not given a defense attorney in any of the three cases and was not told by the judge or prosecutor that pleading guilty would lead to his deportation. Miguel regrets those mistakes and has since turned his life around to focus on his family.

Before his detention, Miguel was the sole provider for Jessica and Noah. After Miguel was detained, Jessica had to leave their apartment and move in with Miguel’s mother. She worked full-time until she was seven months pregnant and was ordered to stop by her doctor because the baby’s health was at risk. Fortunately, baby Isaac was born in February 2012. However, he has had to return to the hospital three times since then. Jessica and Noah hope Miguel will be released from immigration detention so he can provide for his family once again.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and President Obama have both stated that deporting undocumented youth brought to the U.S. as children is not a priority. We ask that you immediately take action to stop Miguel’s deportation so he can raise his two children and stay with his family.

We, the undersigned, urge you to release Miguel Orellana Garcia.

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