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Wanda: Fleeing Gang Violence

On March 25th, 2013, Wanda was arrested for driving with an expired license and has been detained at immigration prison in Michigan. She has no criminal record and is a low priority for removal.

Let Wanda go!

Take Action:

1.  Sign the petition and get the word out: "Why is a woman being deported to a country with gang violence when all her family is in the U.S.?" ----------------------------->

2.  Make a phone call, call ICE Director John Morton 202-732-3000

Sample Script: I am calling to ask for the immediate release of Wanda Rivas Rivas (A#078-934-031), currently being held at the Calhoun County Jail in Michigan. Wanda fears the gang violence in El Salvador. All her family is here in the U.S. and has TPS because of the violence in El Salvador. Let Wanda go!"

Optional Talking Points:

-- It would cause undue stress on her family for her to be deported.
-- Wanda is not a priority for removal.
-- Her entire family is in the U.S. and has TPS (Temporary Protected Status) because of the gang violence in El Salvador.

After you sign & call please help us get the word out and share on facebook!

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The Petition

To Senator Levin, Senator Stabenow, John Morton and Janet Napolitano:

I write to ask that you take immediate action to stop the deportation of Wanda Rivas (A#:078-934-301). If deported to El Salvador Wanda’s life would be in danger; all of her sisters and brother have already been granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) by the U.S. Government.

Wanda has been detained at the Calhoun County Jail since March 25th, 2013, when she was arrested for driving with a broken taillight. In September of 2001 Wanda was caught at the U.S. Border, she was given 90-days to return home to El Salvador, however she chose to stay U.S. as she fears for her life.

Wanda is the main caretaker for her U.S. citizen niece and nephew; both have become very withdrawn since her sudden arrest. Other than her old order of deportation Wanda has never been in contact with law enforcement. Wanda’s case is another clear example of a rogue ICE department in Michigan; despite presenting a clear case for discretion Field Director Rebecca Adducci is refusing to grant discretion.

Michigan ICE Field Director Rebecca Adducci has a track-record of ignoring directives from national ICE. In April of 2011, and again October of 2012, she ordered her agents to detaine parents outside a local elementary school. In January of 2012 Director Adducci refused to grant discretion in the case of Yanelli Hernandez, a DREAMer who had attempted suicide twice while in detention.

On Director Adducci’s watch over 4200 ICE detainers have been issued in the state of Michigan; of those nearly 80% were against individuals with no prior contact with law enforcement.

I urge you to take immediate action and bring some oversight to Michigan ICE; please secure the release of Wanda Rivas (A#078-934-301) from the Calhoun County Jail. Wanda Rivas is eligible for prosecutorial discretion as laid out by John Morton, the Director of ICE, in his June 2011 memorandum.

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