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NIYA Infiltrates Michigan ICE: Fire Adducci!

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Take Action: Make Some Calls

1.  D.C. John Morton's office: 202-732-3000
2.  Senator Stabenow: 517-203-1760

"Hi, I was calling to ask that all low-priority immigrant detainees at the Calhoun County Jail, in Battle Creek, Michigan be released. Ice Liaison, J. Jolin has been forcing detainees to sign Voluntary Departure. Many of the detainees at the facility are low-priority and should be released immediately."

Optional Talking Points:

- MI ICE Director Adducci has not been following national directives to release low-priority detainees;
- MI ICE is still detaining DACA eligible youth;
- Over 70% of those detained have U.S. citizen children;
- Over 80% of Michigan detainers have been for low-priority offenses such as driving without a license.

Some of the Cases Found

Wanda (A#:078-934-301); arrested for a broken tail-light. Siblings have been granted Temporary Protected Status. If deported Wanda will be all alone in El Salvador. http://bit.ly/wandami

Gustavo (A#205-001-740); pulled over without reason and arrested in front of wife and kids. DACA-eligible, living here since he was 14. Being bullied into signing Voluntary Departure. http://bit.ly/gustavomi

Maria (A#200-298-875); served her time for fake papers, however still being deported. Has been coughing blood in detention and has an un-treated cyst in her ovaries. ICE doctor refuses care due to her "imminent deportation." http://bit.ly/mariami

Adelaida (A#098-224-127); Mother of 4 U.S. citizen children detained when her employer called ICE on her. A low priority case, yet ICE insists on her deportation! http://bit.ly/adelaida

Everilda + 9: Everilda was arrested as a passenger in a van; she wasn't even the driver yet she was asked for papers. When Everilda was detained 9-other passengers in the van were also detained; all were on their way to work. Out of the 9 others 2 have been deported and another has been released; a total of 6 remain detained despite the racial profiling.


Everilda (A#200-070-759) was told she'd be deported on April 12th, despite fearing for her life. In Guatemala Everilda's sister, father and 3-nephews had been assasinated. Despite all this MI Director, Adducci still intended to deport Everilda. After public attention, Everilda was granted discretion on April 11th. http://bit.ly/everilda

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The Petition

To President Obama, Director Morton, Secretary Napolitano, Public Advocate Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, Senator's Levin and Stabenow:

I write to ask that you take immediate action to have Michigan ICE Field Director, Rebecca Adducci, and Calhoun County ICE Liaison J. Jolin removed, and to conduct a full investigation as to their wrong-doings.

On April 4th, 2013, an organizer with The National Immigrant Youth Alliance, Claudia Munoz (A#205-001-963), infiltrated Michigan ICE. Claudia allowed herself to be detained by accidently driving to Canada, a mistake many undocumented immigrants are deported for. Claudia is currently detained at the Calhoun County Jail.

If Director Adducci had been doing her job applying discretion then Claudia would not have been able to infiltrate.

Almost immediately Claudia witnessed Border Patrol agents intentionally misinterpreting detainees in order to incriminate them. The ICE Liaison at the County Jail, Officer J. Jolin, was seen forcing immigrants to sign Voluntary Departure; “he told them he’d get 3 deputies to force them to sign." He told another detainee that he'd "get 20-years in prison" if he didn't sign.

Nearly all of the detainees at the Calhoun facility are low-priority. Most were arrested for driving without a license, or simply walking to pick up the kids from school. Out of nearly 150 detainees at Calhoun over 70% are the parents of U.S. citizen children.

The Michigan ICE office has a track-record of abusing its power and not following national directives. In April 2011 and again in October 2012, Director Adducci ordered her agents to detain parents outside a local elementary school. In January 2012, Director Adducci refused to grant discretion in the case of Yanelli Hernandez, an Ohio DREAMer who had attempted suicide twice while in detention.

According to TRAC data, since Adducci became Field Director, Michigan ICE has issued over 4,200 immigration detainers; nearly 80% have been against immigrants with no prior contact with law enforcement.

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