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President Obama, Bring DREAMer Luis Home!

Call Rep. Lofgren at (202) 225-3072 and (408) 271-8700

Sample Script
: "Hi, I am calling to urge Rep. Lofgren, as a longtime immigration reform champion, to ask President Obama to exercise his discretion and allow for the DREAMers to come home. I think she should support these kids especially given the fact that all of them grew up here, have gone to school here and consider America their home.

Luis is one of those students fighting to come home. He came to the U.S. when he was five years old. After the DREAM Act failed in 2010, he returned to Mexico with no other options. Luis has been separated from his parents and his 14-year-old U.S. citizen brother. Luis needs Rep. Lofgren's help to come home. Will she, the member, help?"

Optional Talking Points: 

- Luis has had a very difficult time in Mexico and tried to come back to his family in 2012;
- A Border Patrol agent filed DACA for him and Luis only did not qualify because he was not in the country at the time of the announcement;
- Luis desparately wants to be back with his family in North Carolina.

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The Petition

To President Obama:

Luis Gustavo lived in the small town of Marion, North Carolina since he was 5-years old. In 2011, after the failure of the Dream Act Luis decided to just go back to Mexico. In North Carolina Luis wasn’t able to go to school or even secure a good job because he lacked a social security number. Going to Mexico was a difficult decision for him because it would mean being separated from his parents and his 14-year old U.S. citizen brother.

After nearly a year in Mexico Luis has struggled to make it. The hardest part of being in Mexico for Luis has been being away from his family, he never imagined it’d be so difficult, and so in 2012 he attempted to cross back into the U.S.

Luis, 19, was caught four times as he tried desperately to return his family in North Carolina. The first time he was caught, even the Border Patrol officer had compassion on him and tried to file for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in the office. To the Border Patrol officers surprise Luis’s application for DACA was denied because he was not in the U.S. at the time of the announcement.

Luis simply wants to return to his loving family. He is now 20-years old and misses them terribly. I urge you to immediately allow for Luis to be returned to his family; bring Luis home.

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