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President Obama, Bring Claudia Home!

Call Rep. Lofgren at (202) 225-3072 and (408) 271-8700

Sample Script
: "Hi, I am calling to urge Rep. Lofgren, as a longtime immigration reform champion, to ask President Obama to exercise his discretion and allow for the DREAMers to come home. I think she should support these kids especially given the fact that all of them grew up here, have gone to school here and consider America their home.

Claudia Amaro is one of the students fighting to come home. In 2006 she was deported, along with her 5-year old U.S. citizen son. Claudia graduated from a CO high school, she lived in Kansas for 10-years before being deported. Claudia needs Rep. Lofgren's help to come home. Will she, the member, help?"

Optional Talking Points: 

- Claudia has an English teacher certification from Cambridge;
- Claudia's mom has legal status, and some of her sisters are U.S. citizens;
- Claudia should never have been deported in the first place.

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The Petition

To President Obama, ICE Director John Morton and DHS Director Janet Napolitano:

I am writing to call to bring Claudia back to Kansas.

Claudia came to the U.S. when she was 13 years after her father was killed in Durango, Mexico. At that time, her mother brought Claudia and her three sisters to the U.S. to get away from the violence that befell her husband and to give her daughters a better life.

Claudia graduated from a U.S. high school and eventually moved from Colorado to Wichita, Kansas. She married her husband in 1998 and they had a son together in 2000. Her husband was detained and ICE tricked them into thinking they were police officers. Despite no federal charges, her husband was deported and the judge said their five-year-old son "could survive in Mexico."

Without her husband or any hope and not knowing she had a hearing before an immigration judge the following month, she and her son were deported. Her life has been very hard in Mexico and her son has had to see a therapist for depression.

Claudia has her family in the U.S. and she wants to return with her son to pursue the life they had envisioned. Her mom is a green card holder and she has a sister who is a U.S. citizen. Her son is now 13 and as a U.S. citizen, wants to be back in the country.

I urge you to immediately bring Claudia back to Kansas!

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