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It is time to make education accessible to all students, regardless of their immigration status. The Maryland Dream Act will recognize the contributions of undocumented students in the state. The bill has already passed the state Senate and will be up for a vote in the House as early as tomorrow! Let's make this happen for Maryland youth.

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To Acting ICE Director and Baltimore ICE Chief Counsel:

I am writing to ask that prosecutorial discretion be granted for Ricardo Lugardo-Sanchez (A# 200-233-836).

Ricardo has been living in the United States for over 12 years and has strong ties to the community. Ricardo is a dedicated and hardworking individual who has worked to support worker rights efforts in the Washington, DC area. Ricardo should not have to face the violence of forcible removal from the United States.

In May 2001 Ricardo came to the United States from San Salvador, Mexico in search of better economic opportunity for his family. Ricardo works very hard to provide financial support to his family. Without Ricardo’s help, his family would continue to struggle. In 2013, Ricardo was ordered to serve a one year probationary period for a minor criminal conviction. Fifteen days before completing his probationary period several ICE agents arrived at his home to question him about his immigration status. Subsequently, Ricardo was placed in detention and forced to see an immigration judge. Under poor counsel, Ricardo accepted voluntary departure and was ordered to leave the United States.

Although Ricardo was later released from detention, he continues to be under supervision and electronic monitoring. As Ricardo waits for his request for discretion to be decided, the electronic monitoring of his movements is beginning to take its toll on his emotional well-being.

According to several memoranda issued by ICE, Ricardo is a low priority for removal. Ricardo contributes to the community, has no significant criminal history, and is not a threat to public safety or national security. I strongly urge you to immediately grant prosecutorial discretion to Ricardo Lugardo-Sanchez (A#).

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