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This year, anti-immigrant legislators are hoping to introduce legislation that will criminalize and hurt the immigrant community. They must realize that immigrants are contributing members of this country and deserve to live the American Dream.

Tell your legislator that you oppose anti-immigrant legislation in Louisiana by signing this petition.


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To our Louisiana Legislators:

We, the undersigned, oppose all anti-immigrant legislation that criminalizes our families, friends, and the immigrant community.

This year, anti-immigrant politicians are attempting to introduce legislation that will bring fear and distrust to the immigrant community. Politicians, such as Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) believe in an enforcement-only approach that doesn’t take into account the contributions immigrants bring to this country. In recent OP-EDs, Rep. Smith stated his support for the 287g program, his desire to expand E-Verify, and to deny citizenship to children born in the U.S. to undocumented parents.

We believe this anti-immigrant rhetoric breaks apart families and is harmful to the lives of hard-working people, including children and students. By introducing anti-immigrant legislation, politicians are endorsing hateful speech toward our communities. Focusing on such legislation does nothing to solve problems or make our country stronger.

We urge Louisiana legislators to step away from this hateful language that hurts immigrants. Instead, we must focus on legislation that will strengthen our country, such as allowing providing students with an affordable education, regardless of their immigration status. We need solutions that will not bring fear into the lives of immigrants and their families.

We, the undersigned, demand better from our Louisiana legislators.

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