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Pass the Illinois Dream Act!

It is time to make education accessible to all students, regardless of their immigration status. The Illinois Dream Act will recognize the contributions of undocumented students in the state.

The Illinois State Legislature and the Governor have the responsibility to stand up for these students and support the IL Dream Act. We urge our legislators and Gov. Pat Quinn to do everything in their power to make it a reality.

Sign the petition to pass the Illinois Dream Act immediately.

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The Petition

To members of the Illinois State Legislature:

We, the undersigned, support the Illinois Dream Act and ask that you please join the following supporters and sponsors of DREAM:

* The Catholic Conference and 105 Evangelical Leaders Statewide

* 13 University Presidents, the 59 IL colleges represented by the Federation of Independent Colleges and University, and the Illinois Council of Community College Presidents

* Republican and Democratic leaders from Christine Radogno and Bill Brady... to Rahm Emanuel, Dick Durbin, Speaker Madigan, and President Cullerton

* Law Enforcement officers from Attorney General Madigan to Sheriffs Curran, Perez, and Dart to States Attorney Anita Alvarez

* Countless undocumented students and their allies statewide!"

Despite an unprecedented year of action and escalation taken by undocumented youth, the United States Congress failed to pass the DREAM Act in 2010. This has left undocumented youth in Illinois without any form or relief. It is now up to the State of Illinois to provide dignity and recognition for these promising and deserving young people.

The Illinois Dream Act will acknowledge the contributions of undocumented youth in Illinois by giving them access to a privately-funded Illinois DREAM Fund to provide scholarships to undocumented youth at no cost to taxpayers, as well as providing regular trainings for high school counselors and college admissions officers regarding educational opportunities for undocumented youth.

As a state with one of the largest immigrant populations, Illinois should be at the forefront of progressive immigration policies, pushing back on the tide of national and local anti-immigrant policies. The passage of the Illinois Dream Act is a step in the right direction in providing all youth with the opportunity to continue with their education.

We, the undersigned, ask that you join supporters and sponsors of the Illinois Dream Act and help make it a reality.

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