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Release Victims of Forced Labor & Worker's Compensation Fraud from BTC!

URGENT: Hugo, Ernesto, Douglas, Elias, Eloy, Elmer, Walter, and Edgar were victims of workers comp fraud by their supervisors at Waste Pro USA. In addition to being charged up to $1000.00 to work for the company, they were constantly being threatened with termination and deportation. Despite having cooperated with an initial investigation of their case, all were charged with fraud and now have orders for deportation. Why is ICE punishing the victims rather than the perpetrators? 

TELL ICE to RELEASE all 9 from detention immediately. Victims of forced labor and fraud should not be punished. Sign the petition and make the call!

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Call ICE – John Morton @ 202-732-3000

"I am calling to urge ICE to rele
ase Sergio Morales (A#205-503-378), Hugo Barrena (A#205-5503-383), Ernesto de la Cruz (A# 205-503-384), Douglas Madrid (A#205-503-385), Elias Milian (A#205-503-386), Eloy Flores (A# 205-503-445), Elmer Ajin (A#205-503-380), Walter Sales (A#205-503-381), and Edgar Vazquez (A#205-503-535) from Broward Transitional Center. They are the victims of fraud, exploitation, and forced labor, and should not be further victimized."

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The Petition

To Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton, and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

I am writing to ask for the immediate release of Sergio Morales (A#205-503-378), Hugo Barrena Rodriguez (A#205-5503-383), Ernesto de la Cruz (A# 205-503-384), Douglas Madrid (A#205-503-385), Elias Milian-Aguilar (A#205-503-386), Eloy Flores Martin del Campo (A# 205-503-445), Elmer Nehemia Ajin Hernandez (A#205-503-380), Walter Sales Gonzalez (A#205-503-381), and Edgar Rolando Vazquez-Canto (A#205-503-535) from Broward Transitional Center and for ICE to immediately stop their deportations.

All nine individuals worked at WastePro USA for up to 7 years under constant threats of termination and deportation. Prideful of their work, each came to this country to support their families and to “achieve the American Dream.” However, every single man named in this petition was forced to pay upwards of $1000.00 to various middle managers in order to begin working at the company. Middle managers provided each with false documents, and once they started receiving paychecks, they demanded a payment from each worker with further threats against their well-being.

This is only where their nightmare began. Managers filed false Workers Compensation claims on these individuals’ behalves. When the checks arrived, however, workers were forced to go with their managers to the bank to cash the checks, and managers pocketed the money. On July 18th, state investigators arrested these men, accusing them of crimes that were committed against them. To make matters worse, all claim that they were told by their lawyer that they should accept a plea and that the situation would work itself out. It did not. All served time in county jail before being transferred to Broward Transitional Center.

ICE visited the criminal and immigration attorneys of these individuals, and despite the victims having cooperated with a potential investigation, testifying to the abuses and fraud that they were victims of, all are currently being detained, and false charges against them have never been dropped, much less investigated. All were given an order for deportation.

Unfortunately abuses on workers continue to this day. DreamActivist Florida has obtained the names of over 40 individuals who are willing to testify to these corrupt abuses perpetrated against these workers for Waste Pro USA, including one individual who was the passenger in a work truck that was involved in an accident, and threatened if he didn’t get back to work even though he was in severe pain and had not been given adequate medical attention.

I urge you to release Sergio, Hugo, Ernesto, Douglas, Elias, Eloy, Elmer, Walter, and Edgar from Broward Transitional Center and stop their deportation immediately. They are the victims of fraud, exploitation, and forced labor, not criminals.

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