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URGENT: Dreamer Wasington will be deported Thursday @ 9:00 pm

Wasington, a DREAMer, has been detained at Krome Detention Center for four months. He's HIV+ and is not recieving any medical treatment.

HIV Experts "Wasington Needs Treatment":

-- Letter from North Point medical
-- Letter from Lisa Graham, American Academy of HIV Medicine Specialist


Senator Nelson in D.C.: 202-224-5274
Senator Nelson in Orlando: 407-872-7161

"Hi, I was calling to ask for the Senator to take immediate action on Wasington's deportation. Wasington is set to be deported this Thursday at 9pm. He is HIV+ and he's in real bad shape. Will the Senator call John Morton and ask that he stop Wasington's deportation and let him go?"

Optional talking points:

-- Wasington is a DREAMer; he's been living here since he was 12.

-- HIV experts agree; Wasington needs to be released so he can get long-term treatment.

-- Obama said he wouldn't deport DREAMers.

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The Petition

To Sen. Levin, Rep. Dingell, Rep. Peters, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton, and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

I am writing to call for the immediate release of Wasington Coelho Ribero (A#205-122-552) from Krome Detention Center and urge ICE to immediately stop his deportation. Wasington is a DACA eligible DREAMer, a low-priority for deportation, and continues to suffer due to his worsening health condition.

Wasington came to the United States from Brazil when he was 12 years old with his parents. In Brazil, he was molested repeatedly by his uncle from age 10 to 12. Living in the United States could have meant a new life for him. However, Wasington was disowned by his entire family when he came out as gay.

Wasington is now 27 years old and is HIV+. Unfortunately, for the past four months that he’s been at Krome, he did not receive any medical treatment. When he entered Krome, his viral load count was good and he was healthy. On October 4th, however, Wasington was transferred to a hospital and told that his viral load count had increased to the point that he needed to go on “the cocktail”, a potent regiment of medicines reserved for HIV+ individuals whose health is deteriorating.

Wasington is also scared to return home, not only because the uncle that molested him lives there; but also because his father has already threatened him with harm if he’s deported to Brazil. To make matters worse, Brazil has seen a significant upsurge in killings of LGBT individuals over the past year. According to Grupo Gay de Bahia, in 2012, one gay person is killed every 24 hours.

According to the memo issued by John Morton, Wasington is not a priority for deportation and due to his HIV+ status should be released immediately to be able to receive the medical treatment he needs to survive. Wasington will not receive adequate HIV treatment in Brazil, and faces a potentially violent death due to increased anti-gay violence.

I urge you to release Wasington Coelho Ribero from Krome Detention Center immediately and stop his deportation.

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