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Detained Over A Year Away From 2 Children, Release Pascual!

Pascual has been living in the United States since 1995. He has two US born children with his wife, they need him home. Despite being a low-priority case, Pascual has been detained at Broward Transitional Center in Florida since June 2011!

Pascual's only hope is for Sen. Nelson / Sen. Rubio to intervene.

Senator Rubio and Nelson are the ONLY ones who can help: SIGN & Make a CALL

Senator Rubio:

Washington D.C.: 202-224-3041
Orlando: 407-254-2573

Senator Nelson:

Washington D.C.: 202-224-5274
Orlando: 407-872-7161

Sample Script:  “Hi, I am calling to ask the Senator to take a position on Pascual Pedro Marcos' case (A# 201145109). Pascual fears being deported to Guatemala because of violence. Pascual has 2 US born children who need him home. Why won't the senator take a position on his case and issue a letter of support?" 

If Rubio or Nelson's office tells you . . .

If Rubio or Nelson's office tells you 'we are working with the family tell them you just heard from DreamActivist.org that they are not! Tell them you KNOW Obama can fix this, but Rubio and Nelson can ALSO fix this. Don't let Rubio and Nelson off the hook.

What Senators can do:

1. Issue a letter, signed by the Senator, in support of Pascual Marcos. The letter should specifically ask that Pascual's deportation be stopped and his request for discretion granted. The senator must take a position on Pascual's case.

2. Call John Morton, the director of ICE, directly and ask that he use his discretion. Senators in many previous cases have made this call.

3. Issue a private bill. Any senator can sponsor a private bill and as soon as one is issued it will put a hold on any deportation for the remainder of the congressional session.

If the office tells you anything different then push them to do the above. They have the power to do it, but are refusing to do it.

Your Contact Information

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The Petition

To Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton; and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

I am writing to call for the immediate release of Pascual Pedro Marcos (A# 201145109) from Broward Transitional Center in Florida and urge ICE to release him immediately.

Pascual was driving home when he was stopped for no reason by border patrol. They arrested him for driving without a license and he has been detained at Broward Transitional Center since June 2011. Despite being a low-priority case, Pascual has been detained away from his family for 13 months!

Pascual came to the United States from Guatemala in 1995 to give his family a better life. He is the only one that supports his parents financially and since Pascual has been detained, his parents have been going through really hard times. His mom is sick in Guatemala and constantly has to go to the hospital. Without Pascual's help, they have been struggling to make ends meet. If deported, Pascual fears he will be kidnapped and killed if gangs from Guatemala know that he lived in the United States because they'll think he has money. Pascual has no criminal record and should not be deported away from his family.

Pascual has a two US born children. His 3 year old kid has mental issues and has to wear a helmet for 23 hours a day. If Pascual is deported, his wife will have to raise their children on her own and they will grow up without a dad.

I urge you to release Pascual Pedro Marcos (A# 201145109) from Broward Transitional Center in Florida.

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