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Human Trafficking Victim: Let Pablicio Go!

Pablicio has been detained since May 6th, 2012. He is the victim of human trafficking and has a T-visa currently pending with immigration. Pablicio is also DREAM Act eligible despite his previous deportation. There is no reason why Pablicio should be detained, let him go!

Call Senator Nelson:

Washington D.C.: 02-224-5274
Orlando: 407-872-7161

"Hi, I am calling to ask the Senator to take a position on DREAMer Pablicio Mechado's case (A# 098-996-796). Pablicio has a fiancee who needs him home, he has no family in Brazil. Pablicio hwas the victim of human trafficking and has a pending T-visa. Have ICE let him go!"

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To Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton; and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, Senators Rubio and Nelson:

I am writing to call for the immediate release of DREAM Act youth Pablicio Mechado (A# 098-996-796) from Broward Detention Center. Pablicio is a DREAM Act student and also eligible for a human trafficking visa (T-Visa) which his attorney has already filed.

Pablicio has been living in the United States for over 8 years; since the age of 15. Pablicio has little contact with his relatives back in Brazil; he has a fiancée of two years and hopes to marry her in the near future.

In October of 2011 Pablicio was deported from Boston, MA for driving with and expired registration; his tags had expired the day before. Despite being a DREAMer Pablicio was forced into signing Voluntary Departure. On May 6th, 2012, Pablicio was detained by authorities as he made his way back to the United States from the Bahamas. He was taken to the county jail where he was, along with other detainees (Regis), held to testify against their human traffickers. Despite his cooperation and a promise of release Pablicio still finds himself detained at the Broward Detention Center.

According to the Morton memo Pablicio is a low-priority for deportation. I urge you to immediately release Pablicio Mechado (A#098-996-796) from the Broward Detention Center.

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