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Don't Trash WastePro Worker's Rights: Free Edgar and Eloy, Workplace Victims!

**Update: Eloy was deported September 8th!**

URGENT: Don't Trash Workers' Rights - Release WastePro Victims!

On July 18th, 2012, 9 WastePro victims were arrested and charged with fraud. After an investigation it was discovered that in fact middle managers were filing false Workers Comp claims and cashing the checks. In addition, it was discovered that the WastePro 9 workers were forced to pay middle managers money under the constant threat of deportation. The 9 are victims of wage theft, fraud, forced labor, constant threats of deportation, and exploitation.

Instead of protection, the 9 were sent to Broward immigration prison for deportation. The department of labor can stop this by investigating the abuses. We need action!

Take Action:

Call USDOL – (202) 693-0051
Call Ana: (713) 773-5359
Call John Bates - (678) 237-0490
Call ICE - (202) 732-3000 or (202) 732-3100

Sample Script: "I am calling to urge the Department of Labor to initiate an investigation into the WastePro abuses. The workers deserve justice, they are victims of blackmail, extortion and even fraud! Why isn't the Department looking into the matter and starting an investigation? Support Edgar, start an investigation into WastePro!"

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The Petition

To The Department of Labor and John Sandweg of ICE:

I am writing to ask the Department of Labor and ICE to show discretion for the WastePro workers to stop their deportations and approve their U-Visas. They are victims of wage theft, fraud, forced labor, threats of deportation, and exploitation.

Edgar Rolando Vazquez-Canto (A#205-503-535) and Eloy Flores Martin del Campo (A# 205-503-445) are currently being held at the Broward immigration prison, where they have been for several months in spite of being victims of crime by WastePro USA for nearly seven years in some cases. ICE visited the criminal and immigration attorneys of these individuals, and despite the victims having cooperated with a potential investigation, testifying to the abuses and fraud that they were victims of, all are currently being detained, and false charges against them have never been dropped, much less investigated.

I urge you to expedite the adjudication of U-Visa supplement for Edgar and Eloy for their fair chance to stop their deportations. Release the WastePro workers the victims of fraud, exploitation, and forced labor before they are deported like several others before them. 

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