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Certify Junior's U-Visa: Gun Shot Victim with son in Navy detained 19 months!


Junior has been in detention for 19-months. He was the victim of a botched robbery in 2001. He was shot in the back. The bullet is still lodged in his spine. He has sever pain on the right side of his body; when first detained he underwent 3-wks of physical therapy as his entire right side went numb.

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2.  Call the police department and ask them to certify Junior's U-visa @ 845-561-3131

"Hi, I was calling to voice my concern over your police department refusing to certify Junior Hariott's U-visa. Junior was the victim of an armed robbery in 2001 (incident# 011228040428), he cooperated with your department in your investigation and now he needs your signature attesting to that. Why won't your police department certify his U-visa?"

Optional Talking Points

-  Things like this make the immigrant community less trustworth of the police.
-  The NYPD and other local police forces all believe in the value of working with immigrants and honoring U-visa certification when immigrants help with investigations.
-  Junior still has a bullet in his spine from this incident and this lack of certification is preventing him from moving forward with his life.

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The Petition

To Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton; and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

Junior Hariott (A#073-462-138) has been living in the United States for over 19 years; he was born in Jamaica but considers America to be his home. He has a United States citizen wife and four children, 22, 15, 13 and 4. His oldest son, in the United States Navy, will be leaving for his first tour of duty at the end of August, a few weeks after his father is set to be deported.

After a failed attempt at fixing his status, Junior was deported once in September of 2000. He returned less than two weeks later. In 2001 Junior was the victim of an armed robbery attempt, he was shot in the back and still to this day has a bullet lodged in his lumbar spine. This injury has caused Junior severe discomfort, he wakes up often in detention without being able to move the right side of his body. Because of the injury he cannot sleep on his back and sometimes he goes days without leaving his cell because of the pain. Junior fears for his life, he currently has a blood clot in his right leg that the detention center refuses to treat. Junior could die or be permanently disable at any moment.

Junior has sought out medical attention, he has been seen by many specialist and all of whom have commented that he does not belong in a detention center. He needs treatment and he needs it fast. When Junior complains to doctors at the facility he is told the pain is from worry over his deportation. Recently, because of the blood clot in his leg, Junior requested the use of a cane and in response the doctor stated that exercise would be better.

Marco Saavedra, a member of DreamActivist Ohio currently detained inside the facility has been able to verify Junior’s medical claims, he reported back: “Junior’s entire leg is numb to the point where he says you can punch it and he won’t even feel it. He should not be here.”

Junior is a low-priority deportation, while living in New York he ran a successful car lot. As the victim of a serious crime Junior is eligible for a U-visa, something he has been attempting to certify with the investigating police department. He has four children who care about him dearly and who need their father with them, alive. We, the undersigned, demand immediate release of Junior Hariott (A# 073-462-138). He is not a threat to anyone and not a priority for removal.

Junior has been told his travel papers are ready and he will be deported this week. Please stop his deportation and do not allow for him to become another statistic!

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