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Don't Deport Jose Ramon, 10-Year-Old Stepson Has Attempted Suicide Twice!

Jose Ramon has been married to his wife Alma for six years and is the father figure, as well as emotional and economic support, for her three children, who were physically and mentally abused by their natural father.

His 10-year-old son Esturado has attempted suicide twice and is now hospitalized for a suicide note he wrote because of his stepfather's detention.

Make Phone Calls:

Call Krome Processing Center @ 305-207-2100
Call National ICE @ 202-732-3000 or 202-732-3100 

Sample Script: “Hi, I am calling to ask to release and stop the deportation of Jose Ramon Munoz Velasquez (Inmate #200713031). Jose Ramon is the economic provider for his wife and her three children, who were physically and mentaly abused by their father. Please release Jose Ramon immediately!”

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The Petition

To President Obama and Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson:

I’m writing to call for the immediately release of Jose Ramon Muñoz Velazquez (Inmate# 200713031) from Krome Service Processing Center. Jose Ramón Muñoz has been married for the past 6 years to Alma Patricia Martinez; she has three kids from a previous marriage where they were abused and mistreated physical and mentally by their biological father. Jose Ramon is the paternal figure for the Alma’s kids and Jose is the head of the household by supporting the kids emotionally and economically.

During the morning of July 30th of 2013 Jose Ramon Muñoz Velazco was detained at his work by federal officials.

Jose has been detained since and it caused an emotional distress to Alma’s kids, specifically to 10-year-old Junior, who tried to commit suicide on two occasions and now is receiving psychiatric and physiological treatment in a hospital for a suicide letter he wrote.

Maria Jose, the oldest daughter, hurts herself by cutting different parts of her body. She had been interned at the hospital two times and now she is in physiological treatment. The youngest daughter Alma is five years old child and is suffering the consequences of her father's absence every day.

Jose Ramon suffered a serious injury when he lost the vision in his left eye while performing work duties during working hours.

Jose Ramon was transfererd to Krome due to his medical condition; he hasn’t received any medical treatment yet and now he is losing the vision in the right eye too. His lack of vision is also causing terrible headaches. Jose Ramon Muñoz must receive medical treatment for his medical condition urgently, since he may lose his vision in 100% if he is not treated appropriately.

According to DHS guidelines Jose Ramon is a low priority for deportation and should be granted favorable exercise of prosecutorial discretion. Furthermore, Jose Ramon is sick and requires immediate medical treatment for his vision and not detention. I urge you to take action and release Jose Ramon Muñoz Velazco (Inmate 200713031) from Krome Service Processing Center.

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