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Another Low-Priority Deportation: Passenger In Car and Racially Profiled!

Hugo has been detained at Broward Transitional Center since June 21, away form his son and fiancee. Hugo was on his way to work and was the passenger in a car when the driver was pulled over for passing a yellow light.

Hugo was racially profiled and was asked for his "papers." Even though he was only the passenger of the car, he was still arrested and now faces deportation.

Hugo is a low priority case and should be released immediately. For every day Hugo is detained, tax payers spend $166. Now, tax payers have spent over $5,000 keeping a father detained. Why?


Call ICE – John Morton @ 202.732.3000

Sample Script: “I am calling to ask that you release Hugo Villegas Castro (A# 200 139 842) from Broward Transitional Center in Florida.Hugo fled Mexico to escape extreme violence and fears going back. He was a victim of racial profiling and could now be separated from his son and U.S. citizen fiancee. Hugo is a low-priority case and needs to be released immediately."

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To Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton; and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

I am writing to call for the immediate release of Hugo Villegas Castro (A# 200 139 842) from Broward Transitional Center in Florida and urge that you take immediate action to stop his deportation.

On June 21st, 2012, Hugo was sitting in the passenger seat of a car on his way to work when his friend drove through a yellow light. A police officer pulled the car over and questioned both the driver and Hugo. The driver, who was a U.S. citizen, was released, but seeing Hugo in the car, the police officer racially profiled him and inquired about his immigration status. Although Hugo was just a passenger in the car and had done nothing, the officer took Hugo into custody and later sent him to Broward Transitional Center where he has been since June 21st, 2012.

Hugo arrived in the United States in 2005. He fled Mexico to escape extreme violence and to be able to provide for his twelve-year-old son. For the past seven years, Hugo has worked as a landscaper and has been a law-abiding tax-payer. He is engaged to a U.S. citizen, whom he helps support, and hopes to marry her soon. While Hugo has a chance of adjusting his status through an I-130 petition, it is unjust to detain him and keep him away his family.

Although Hugo has paid thousands of dollars in taxes to Florida annually, tax-payers are currently spending $166 for every day Hugo spends in detention. After a month of being detained for nothing more than being a passenger in a car, tax-payers have now spent $5,000 keeping Hugo in detention. According to the memo issued by John Morton, Hugo is a low-priority case and should be granted favorable exercise of prosecutorial discretion. He has no criminal record and instead is the victim of racial profiling. Hugo escaped a great deal of violence in Mexico and fears going back.

I urge you to release Hugo Villegas Castro from Broward Transitional Center and call on ICE to stop his deportation.

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