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Another Low-Priority Deporation: Detained For Over A Year For Escaping Religious Persecution!

Feng has been detained at Broward Transitional Center since April, 2011 - over one year! She fled China to escape religious persecution by the Chinese government. She is scared for her life if she's forced to go back!

Feng is a low-priority case and should be released from detention immediately. Tax-payers have already spent over $75,500 keeping Feng detained for over one year, all because she wants to practice her religion freely. Why?

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Call ICE Director John Morton (202) 732-3000

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Hi, I am calling to ask that you release Feng Zhao (A# 200-615-114) from Broward Transitional Center and stop her deportation. Feng fled China to escape religious persecution and only wishes to stay in the U.S. to practice her Christian faith. Despite being low-priority, Feng has been detained at BTC for over a year! Release Feng from detention immediately."

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To Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton; and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

I am writing to ask that Feng Zhao (A# 200-615-114) be immediately released from the Broward Transitional Center in Florida and urge you to immediately stop her deportation.

Feng fled China when she was 21 years old in order to escape the persecution of Christians by the Chinese government. Feng travelled directly to Florida and was immediately detained, on April 25 2011, and transferred to Broward Transitional Center. Feng has now been detained at BTC for over one year and fears being sent back to a country she fled to escape persecution.

Feng's mother was forced by the local cadres to undergo a sterilization procedure after she gave birth to her in 1990. Feng started to practice Christianity growing up under the influence of her grandmother. Feng's involvement in the Christian Church increased when she graduated from vocational school. In February 2010, she joined Min'an Church in her hometown.

On May 30, 2010 while Feng and her Christian friends were gathered and prayed at Min'an Church, they were arrested by five policemen. They were beaten and detained for eight days. In detention, she was only fed bread and water. She was threatened that she would be detained and beaten even more severely if she were to go to that church again. Feng was beaten so terribly that upon her release from detention, she sought medical treatment. Feng was persecuted because of her Christian beliefs.

If Feng returns to China, she will be detained and beaten by the Chinese police. She fears further punishment for departing China without authorization.

According to the 2009 Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, China is noted as having some of the highest restrictions on religious practice in the world. Yet Feng’s plea for asylum based on this fact was denied. Feng is now 22 years old, has no family or friends in the United States, and is scared for her life if she were to return to China. How much longer will Feng suffer in detention for wanting to practice her religion freely?

For each day Feng is detained, tax-payers are spending $166 for her detention. Feng has been detained for over a year and now tax-payers have spent over $75,500 keeping her in detention.

According to the memo issued by John Morton, Feng is a low-priority case and should be granted favorable exercise of prosecutorial discretion. Feng came to the United States seeking religious freedom and should be released immediately from Broward Transitional Center so she can finally fulfill this dream. ICE should discontinue punishing Feng for wanting to freely practice her Christian faith.

I urge ICE to immediately take action to release Feng Zhao from Broward Transitional Center and stop her deportation to China.

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