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Almost Poisoned By His Own Father: Reunite Juan With His Wife and 2 Daughters!

Carlos has been detained at Broward Transitional Center since June 3rd for driving without a license. Carlos escaped Mexico after almost being poisoned by his own dad. If deported, he could be separated from his wife and 2 daughters, one of whom needs kidney surgery.

Carlos is a low-priority deportation and should be released immediately so he can continue to provide for his family. Tax-payers have already spent over $5,800 keeping a loving father in detention. Why?


Call ICE – John Morton @ 202-732-3000 or 202-732-3100

Sample Script: “I am calling to ask that you release Juan Carlos Amador Tapia (A# 809-229-491) from Broward Transitional Center. Juan Carlos fled Mexico, at 15, after his own father tried to kill him. He has a U.S. citizen wife and 2 U.S. citizen daughters. His 5 year old daughter needs kidney surgery but his wife can't afford it without Juan Carlos' help. Juan Carlos is a low-priority deportation and should be released immediately."

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To Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton; and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

I am writing to call for the immediate release of Juan Carlos Amador Tapia (A# 809-229-491) from Broward Transitional Center in Florida and urge that you take immediate action to stop his deportation.

On June 3rd, Juan Carlos was on his way home from work when he was pulled over by a police officer because his signal light had stopped working. The officer asked Juan Carlos for his driver’s license and, when he couldn’t provide one, he was arrested. Despite being a low-priority case, Juan Carlos has been at Broward Transitional Center for almost two months.

Juan Carlos came to the United States, in 2005, when he was only 15 years old. He escaped his abusive father who had tried to poison him and kill him. In the United States, he found work and began creating a better and safer life for himself. At 22, he has established a life in the United States with his U.S. citizen wife and his two U.S. citizen daughters.

Since his arrest, Juan Carlos’ two daughters and wife have had to constantly move around because they are unable to pay for rent and other necessities. Juan Carlos’ oldest daughter has problems with her kidneys and, if her condition worsens, she will need surgery. If Juan Carlos remains in detention it would be difficult to finance his daughter’s surgery since he is the family’s main provider.

According to the memo issued by John Morton, Juan Carlos is a low-priority case and should be released and granted favorable exercise of prosecutorial discretion. Juan Carlos deserves to stay in the United States where he is safe from his father who physically abused him and tried to kill him. He also deserves to be reunited with his 2 daughter’s and wife who need him.

I urge you to release Juan Carlos Amador Tapia (A# 809-229-491) from Broward Transitional Center and call on ICE to stop his deportation.

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