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Children Cry Every Night Asking For Their Dad To Come Home: Let Agustin Go!

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In May, Agustin was in an ICE interview when he was detained. He had been seeking to adjust his status, but his case was completely mishandled by his attorney. Agustin was a victim of fraud and has been at Broward Transitional Center for the past 5 months.

Agustin is a low priority case and should be released from detention immediately. His two children cry every night asking for their dad to come home. Tax-payers have spent over $10,000 keeping Agustin in detention, away from his children. Why?

Senator Nelson is the ONLY one who can help:

SIGN & Make a CALL

Senator Nelson:

Washington D.C.: 202-224-5274
Orlando: 407-872-7161

“Hi, I’m calling to ask the Senator to take a position on Agustin Morales (A# 076 286 501). He has been in detention since May. He is the main provider for his family and they need him home. Why are we wasting tax-payer dollars on him?”

If Nelson's office tells you . . .

If Nelson's office tells you 'we are working with the family' tell them you just heard from DreamActivist.org that they are not! Tell them you KNOW Obama can fix this, but Nelson can ALSO fix this. Don't let Nelson off the hook. What Senators can do:

1. Issue a letter, signed by the Senator. The letter should specifically ask that the deportation be stopped and the request for discretion granted. The senator must take a position on this case.

2. Call John Morton, the director of ICE, directly and ask that he use his discretion. Senators in many previous cases have made this call.

3. Issue a private bill. Any senator can sponsor a private bill and as soon as one is issued it will put a hold on any deportation for the remainder of the congressional session.

If the office tells you anything different then push them to do the above. They have the power to do it, but are refusing to do it.

Your Contact Information

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The Petition

To Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton; and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

I am writing to call for the immediate release of Agustin Morales (A# 076 286 501) from Broward Transitional Center in Florida and urge that you take immediate action to stop his deportation.

On May 2012, Agustin was sitting in an ICE interview when he was detained. Agustin was in the process of adjusting his status but, unfortunately, he hired a lawyer who completely mishandled his case and gave him erroneous advice on how to adjust his status. As a result of the mistakes of his lawyer, Agustin was told by ICE officers that he was deportable. Although Agustin was a victim of fraud, Agustin has been in Broward Transitional Center for the past two months and is set to be deported any day now.

Agustin was only 15 years old when he left Mexico in order to be able to help his family who was facing severe economic hardships. Although Agustin had an approved application for family based adjustment of status, he aged out and wasn’t able to benefit from the petition. Now 36 years old, he has been married to his wife for almost 12 years and has 2 U.S. citizen kids, a son who is 11 years old and his daughter who is only 8. Agustin’s son is acting out since his father has been in detention and both children are always sad and cry every night asking for their dad to come home.

Agustin’s entire family is in the United States. Both of his parents are U.S. legal residents and he has 5 brothers, two are U.S. legal residents and three are U.S. citizens. Agustin’s family is terrified that Agustin will be kidnapped by gangs if he’s deported to Mexico. Agustin works as a plumber and is the main provider for his family, who has been suffering financially and emotionally due to his detention. Agustin’s family, including his two U.S. citizen children, need him home. He has no criminal record and should be released from BTC immediately.

Although Agustin has paid thousands of dollars in taxes to Florida annually, tax-payers are currently spending $166 for every day Agustin spends in detention. After two month of being detained, tax-payers have now spent $10,000 keeping Agustin in detention. According to the memo issued by John Morton, Agustin is a low-priority case and should be granted favorable exercise of prosecutorial discretion.

I urge you to release Agustin Morales from Broward Transitional Center and call on ICE to stop his deportation.

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