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Final Vote: Ask D.C. CouncilMembers to Support Equal Driver's Licenses for All

Undocumented D.C. residents are leading the One City, One License campaign and demanding that the D.C. Council support equal, unmarked driver's license for all! 

After unanimously winning an amendment to the Driver's Safety Amendment Act of 2013, which would ensure equal and unmarked driver's licenses for all D.C. residents, we are pushing for a veto-proof majority for the final read of the bill on October 15, 2013. If passed and signed by the Mayor, all residents of D.C. will be eligible for a driver's license or identification card starting in May 2014. 

Join us in making a call to the D.C. Councilmembers sitting on the fence, and ask them to vote yes on the Drivers Safety Amendment Act of 2013:

Mary Cheh: (202) 724-8062; Phil Mendelsohn: (202) 724-8032; Yvette Alexander: (202) 724-8068; Jack Evans: (202) 724-8058; Kenyan McDuffie: (202) 724-8028; Vincent Orange: (202) 724-8174; Muriel Bowser: (202) 724-8052; Marion Barry: (202) 724-8045; Anita Bonds: (202) 724-8064; David Catania: (202) 724-7772

"Hi, I am calling to ask that Councilmember _____ vote yes in favor of equal, unmarked driver's licenses for all D.C. residents. I urge Councilmember _____ to support an amendment to the Mayor's bill to ensure that undocumented immigrants living in the District will not be stigmatized by a marked driver's license. Please vote yes on the Driver's Safety Amendment Act of 2013."

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The Petition

Dear Councilmember:

I am writing to humbly request that you vote yes on the Drivers Safety Amendment Act of 2013, so that all D.C. residents can finally receive equal, unmarked identification in the District of Columbia.

D.C. should set the standard across the nation for how we treat our undocumented immigrant community. The undocumented community already lives in fear that revealing their status could result in their detention and deportation if they drive to neighboring states.

The bill introduced by the Mayor would have reinforced discrimination against undocumented D.C. residents by creating a two-tier system that would unfairly label and stigmatize undocumented residents. By amending the bill, you have ensured that the District remains a leader in immigrant rights by providing equal, unmarked driver's licenses to all residents.

As a true ally and champion to immigrants, I hope that you vote in favor of unmarked driver's licenses for everyone, which would truly honor and unify our community, as well as set an example for other states to follow.

I have heard that the DC Council's support for one equal license is flagging due to pressure from some DHS officials. I believe that the Council must stay on course and not cave to threats by DHS as the most dire consequence of equal, unmarked licenses for everyone is that those licenses would not be valid in federal buildings and to board airplanes. Persons who need or require an ID valid for federal purposes can already obtain an enhanced ID under D.C. Code § 50-1401.03.

D.C. has a long history of non-compliance with unjust federal laws and mandates. The D.C. Council was one of the first legislative bodies to renounce REAL ID and pass a resolution urging the repeal of the REAL ID. And just last year, D.C. Council passed a law to restrict the enforcement of the federal Secure Communities program in the District. I am proud that the District took these steps and I hope the Councilmember follows this strong tradition of independence to vote in favor of the Drivers Safety Amendment of 2013.

We are one city, and we should henceforth have one license for all. I look forward to seeing you vote in favor of ONE CITY, ONE LICENSE for all residents in the District.


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