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Imelda is a Victim of Notario Fraud - Keep Her Here With Her Children!

Imelda Was One Of More Than 500 People Defrauded By An Immoral Notario And Faces Deportation Soon! Please Stop Her Deportation!

Imelda Valenzuela Gonzalez (A# 087-496-884) is set to be deported any day and separated from her family after being the victim of a fraudulent notario who promised her he could get her a work permit to get her cosmotology license renewed.

Make a Phone Call:

Call ICE Director John Morton (202) 732-3000

Sample Script: I am calling to urge ICE to stop the deportation of Imelda Valenzuela Gonzalez (A# 087-496-884), who was defrauded by a lawyer who is now on the run from the law. While the lawyer gets away with his crime, Imelda is in danger of being separated from her family for simply trying to renew her cosmotology license. Please keep her in the U.S. where she has raised her children since 1999."

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The Petition

To Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security; John Morton, Immigration & Customs Enforcement Director: 

I am writing that you immediately grant prosecutorial discretion and stop the deportation of Imelda Valenzuela Gonzalez (A# 087-496-884). She is one of more than 500 people who were victimized by a fraudulent notario, who is now on the run from the law.

Imelda came to the U.S. with her children in 1999 and was working as a cosmetologist and supporting her children. She now owns her own beauty shop. When Colorado successfully passed anti-immigrant laws, it prevented her from renewing her cosmetology license. She then was told by others that she could secure a work permit through a local notario. The notario turned out to be fraudulent and stole money and left all his clients in deportation proceedings.

Because of her hard work over the years, Imelda has been the backbone of the family and emotionally and financially supported her children, who are overwhelmed with the thought of losing their mother to Mexico when they have all established lives in the U.S.

Imelda has been living in the U.S. continuously for 14 years and should be able to stay with her family. ICE falsely considers her a child abuser because she was out of the house for a few minutes when her youngest daughter called the police on her brother when they were bickering. She has never abused any of her children in any way, physically or emotionally.

Imelda's case is low priority and she should be allowed to stay with her three children. It is an unfair system that the three children who have relied so heavily on her throughout their lives are eligible to get work permits and stay in the country, while their loving mother is about to be deported. Please stop Imelda's deportation immediately!

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