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Tell ICE: Don't Detain Christian!

URGENT: Christian is currently being held at Jefferson County Jail in Alabama where he has been for over a month. He should have been released but, instead, ICE has placed an immigration hold on him. Christian has been told ICE would come to detain him on WEDNESDAY, October 25.

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Please call John Morton and demand that Christian not be detained.

John Morton: (202.732.3000)

Sample Script: "I am calling to ask that ICE not detain DREAM-Eligible student Christian Edgar Luna, who is being held at Jefferson County Jail in Birmingham, Alabama. Christian has lived in the country since he was nine years old. He has dreams of enlisting in the armed forces. I was calling to ask that ICE not detain Christian because he is DREAM Act eligible and should be released."


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The Petition

To Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

We, the undersigned, call for the immediate release of DREAM-eligible youth Christian Edgar Luna from Jefferson County Jail in Birmingham, Alabama

Christian has been detained for over a month in Jefferson County Jail in Birmingham, Alabama and is currently awaiting deportation to Mexico. Christian was stopped by a police officer over a minor traffic infraction and was arrested. He was able to be released three days later after paying bond. While he was out with his girlfriend, the same police officer who had arrested him the first time saw him and told him he shouldn’t have been released and should have been deported instead. He arrested Christian a second time, calling him a “wetback” and an “illegal” who needs to be “sent back.” Instead of being released, Christian has now been interviewed by ICE and is in the process of being transferred. We demand that Christian be released immediately and be reunited with his family and community.

Christian was born in Mexico but was brought to the United States when he was only nine years old. Now 17, he has been living in the country for over eight years and has grown to love this country as his own. Christian attended high school in Birmingham, Alabama but unfortunately, wasn’t able to graduate and receive his high school diploma. Despite the many obstacles he faces, he is committed to continuing his education with the ultimate goal of enlisting in the Armed Forces. Christian’s dream is to join the army and defend the country that has given him so much. If Christian is deported, he won’t be able to fulfill his dream of serving his only country, the United States. Furthermore, he will be separated from his family who loves and misses him and a community that supports him.

Christian would qualify for the DREAM Act, a narrowly tailored bill that majorities in both the House and Senate voted to support this past December. In a recent announcement published on August 18, 2011, Secretary Napolitano stated the administration is implementing Prosecutorial Discretion in cases involving undocumented youth and families with no criminal record. According to the new guidelines, Christian is not deemed a priority for removal by DHS and merit a favorable exercise of discretion. The Obama Administration has said they will no longer deport immigrant youth, why is Christian still in jail? We demand that he be released immediately to his family and community.

We, the undersigned, call for the immediate release of Christian Edgar Luna.

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