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Are you Undocumented and Unafraid?


“Being undocumented doesn’t define who you are. By Coming Out we take back our right of speech that for years others have been trying to control and oppress. Being undocumented is something that has given us strength and patience throughout the years. Nobody, not even the Senate, can stop us. We’re here and we’re not leaving, be proud and be loud!”

-Angy, New York State Youth Leadership Council

“By Coming Out, we are taking control of the same fears that are going to exist no matter what. Last year, we came out, sat in, and rose up. Now, no one can stop us. This year, not only are we undocumented and unafraid, but we are also unapologetic. We are and we deserve to be a part of this country, and we won’t let anyone tell us differently.”
-Mohammad, DreamActivist.org

Dear DREAMers,

The day on which we declare ourselves undocumented, unafraid, and unapologetic is almost upon us. On March 10th, leading into the week of March 14th, we will come out once again. Last year, hundreds of DREAMers across the country took the historic step of coming out as undocumented youth in schools, community centers, houses of worship and city halls. This step led us, undocumented youth, to become a force to be reckoned with, a movement that can never be forced back into the shadows.

The undocumented youth movement went on to challenge the prevailing forces of power with enormous gestures of courage and beauty. Brave youth across the country held their heads high as they starved for weeks outside Senators’ offices and as their determination led to arrests inside Senators’ offices. Yet others publicly battled ICE for their right to remain in their homes and communities, proudly asserting their humanity. We have worked long and hard, we have risen to meet every challenge and we have made this country a better place for all.

But we have a long way to go and our journey continues with one small step each by thousands of Dreamers. It cannot happen without YOU. It is your time to come out as an undocumented youth. But you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of DREAMers, just like yourself, are making the decision to come out with you. Together, we are coming out of the shadows, leaving behind the fear and the broken promise of the American Dream. We are empowering ourselves to seek a better future, a future in which we are respected, in which our families live with dignity, in which our American Dream is possible.

We know that coming out as undocumented is a terrifying thought for many of us. But we also know that the experience is empowering and liberating for each of us, as well as for all of us as a community.

We have created a guide to coming out to help you work through your fears and come up with coming out plan that is right for you. Additionally, you can contact us for help in planning your coming out. We are here to support each other through this process!


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