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Bring DREAMer & Future Marine Jesus Home for Thanksgiving!

ICE Denies Jesus Deferred Action! CA Senators Must Help Now!

Update: On Wednesday morning, ICE Enforcement and Removal Headquarters in Washington DC declined to grant Jesus deferred action because he was deported in 2008 and returned to the United States. Jesus was deported after living in the United States since he was 4 years old, becoming the first in his family to graduate from high school, never committing a crime, and working to pursue his dream of serving this country as US Marine. The reason? A decade old deportation order issued for his family when Jesus was an 11 year-old child, as the result of a withdrawn asylum application. This does not make him ineligible for deferred action. 

It is now up to California Senators Feinstein and Boxer to take action and ask ICE to stop Jesus' deportation. This arbitrary past deportation should not destroy this DREAMer and aspiring Marine's life in the United States. As strong supporters of the DREAM Act, it is up to Sens Feinstein and Boxer to stand up for Jesus.

TAKE ACTION: Call them now!

Call Senator Feinstein - 
(202) 224-3841 and (415) 393-0707   

Call Senator Boxer - 
(202) 224-3553 and 510-286-8537    

Sample Script: "Hi, I'm calling to ask the Senator to take immediate action to stop the deportation of Dreamer Jesus Ruiz Diego (A 072-671-597) and have him released from detention. Jesus has been in the U.S. since he was 4, graduated from high school, has never committed a crime, and qualifies for Deferred Action. ICE's decision not to release him because of his previous deportation is unfair and I want the Senator to take action. Send Jesus home to his family!"

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To Sen. Feinstein, Sen. Boxer, Rep. Honda, Rep. Lofgren, Sen. Durbin, San Francisco ICE Field Office Director Timothy Aitken, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton, and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

I am writing to request that you take immediate action to stop the deportation of Jesus Ruiz Diego (A 072-671-597), and to grant him Deferred Action.

Jesus came to the United States with his family when he was a toddler at the age of four. He attended kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school in the United States. Jesus made American friends, spoke English and considered San Jose, California his home his entire life. As the first person in his family and in his neighborhood to graduate from high school, Jesus served as a role model to his community.

After 9/11, Jesus began dreaming of joining the United States military. He graduated in 2004, with the hope of joining the Marines, but learned that he was unable to pursue his dream due to his immigration status. While continuing to dream about joining the Marines one day, Jesus applied for and was accepted to college. However, because he was unable to afford it, Jesus decided to find work to support his younger U.S.-citizen-brother and to be able to later go to college.

In 2008, immigration officers raided Jesus’ home in San Jose, California and deported Jesus to Mexico. Jesus later learned that previously in 1998, when he was a boy at the age of eleven, his family had been ordered deported. Ten years later, a grown young man, high school graduate, and young professional, the order of deportation was enforced on Jesus leading to his immediate deportation. For the first time in his life for as long as he could remember, Jesus was living in Mexico, a country that was foreign to him, where he was surrounded by violence, where he didn’t comfortably speak the language, and where he knew no one. He quickly made his way back to the United States, the place he had considered his home since the age of four.

On September 18, 2012, Jesus was picked up again, while at work and immediately placed in deportation proceedings. He has been detained at the Yuba County Detention Center for nearly two months and is facing an imminent threat of deportation every day.

President Obama’s policy clearly is intended for exemplary young people like Jesus, who have been members of our community since their youth and who enrich and contribute to our lives.

I urge you to release Jesus Ruiz Diego immediately and to grant him Deferred Action under both, Prosecutorial Discretion as well as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

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