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Transgender Immigrant @ El Paso Detention Center: Credible Fear Approved in November

While the Dream30 were detained at the El Paso Detention Center we became aware of a wide-spread problem; many immigrants are granted credible fear, however ICE directors refuse to release them. Many of these detainees are already classified as "low priority" or "Level 1" by ICE at the facility, so there is no reason for their continued detention.

Viesca is a clear example of this abuse of power; her credible fear was granted in November, yet she's still detained. We need to hold ICE accountable to its own policies; make a call and demand Viesca's immediate release!

1.  Call Acting Director, John Sandweg @ 202-732-3000 or 202-732-3100
2.  Call the El Paso Field Office Director @ 915-225-0700

"Hi, I was calling to urge for the immediate release of Viesca (A#206-527-787). Viesca's brother was killed in Mexico. She is transgender and is detained in a male facility where she has to use open showers. Her credible fear was granted in November, however officer Ramirez won't release her! Let her go!"

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To Acting Director John Sandweg and El Paso Field Director & President Obama:

I write to ask for the immediate release of "Viesca," Jose Alberto (A#206-527-787) from the El Paso Detention Center. Viesca, who is transgender, has been detained since August, despite passing her credible fear interview in November. Officer Ramirez, Viesca's deportation officer, is refusing to release her.

Viesca is transgender and transitioning; she identifies as a women. In detention, she is forced to shower openly, in front of all the men, Viesca reports constant harassment from the guards, 'they mock me.' Viesca's continued detention is NOT in the best interest of the United States. She passed credible fear in November and has a sponsor living in the United States; all of this makes her eligible for parole, however her deportation officer is unwilling to release her.

Viesca's long-term detention is in direct violation of ICE's own directive no.: 11002.1. It has come to light that Viesca's deportation officer, Officer Ramirez, is not only behind her long-term detention, but also the long-term detention of hundreds of others. He simply does not want to let these people go.

I urge for ICE leadership to take swift action to bring Viesca out of the El Paso Detention Center. I urge for her immediate parole, and an investigation into all such cases.

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