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#BringThemHome: Vidal: "Leaving Was a Mistake; Phoenix is My Home!"

Vidal is so ready to come home. He came with his family to Arizona after his brother was murdered in front of their house in Mexico. He graduated high school in Phoenix, but could not afford to get a college education and returned to Mexico. Now he is stuck in violent Veracruz. #BringVidalHome

Sign the petition & call ICE; ask them to grant permission for Vidal to come home.

Call immigration in D.C. @ 202-732-3000

Sample script: “Hi, I am calling to ask that ICE grant parole for Vidal Francisco. He is stuck in Veracruz, Mexico and could be the next victim of the same violence that took his brother's life there. He graduated from high school in Phoenix and considers Arizona his home. Vidal should be back where he is safe and carve out the life he desires. Bring him home!"

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The Petition

To John Sandweg, Acting Director of ICE:

I write to ask that you grant humanitarian parole to Vidal Francisco so he may return to his family in Phoenix, Arizona and escape the violence that led to murder of his brother in Veracruz, Mexico. 

Vidal, now 20, came to the United States when he was 14 years old. His family decided to immigrate when one of Vidal’s brothers was senselessly murdered right in front of his house in Veracruz, Mexico. Though his brother had done nothing wrong, Vidal and his family decided to escape for their safety.

In Phoenix, Arizona, Vidal attended and graduated from Shadow Mountain High School. He went on to attend one semester of a community college in Paradise valley, but was unable to do further his studies because it was too expensive.

“I decided to return to Mexico in order to keep studying. When enrolling in college in Mexico wasn’t a possibility, I had to find work.” But now, Vidal is stuck in a violent Veracruz where he could be the next victim of the violence that led to his brother's death. 

Vidal wants to return to Phoenix to continue his studies, find viable work, see his family again, and escape the terrible violence of his hometown. I urge you to grant Vidal's request for parole.

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