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Kumar passed Credible Fear in July; Why is He Still Detained?

While the Dream30 were detained at the El Paso Detention Center we became aware of a wide-spread problem; many immigrants are granted credible fear, however ICE directors refuse to release them. Many of these detainees are already classified as "low priority" or "Level 1" by ICE at the facility, so there is no reason for their continued detention.

Kumar is a clear example of this abuse of power; his credible fear was granted in July yet he's still detained. We need to hold ICE accountable to its own policies; make a call and demand Kumar's immediate release!

1.  Call Acting Director, John Sandweg @ 202-732-3000 or 202-732-3100
2.  Call the El Paso Field Office Director @ 915-225-0700

"Hi, I was calling to urge for the immediate release of Kumar (A#206-524-999). Kumar fled India in June. He has scars on his body to prove the abuse and torture he went through there. His credible fear was granted in July, and he provided ICE with all the documents needed for release but he is still in detention. Let Kumar go!"

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To Acting Director John Sandweg and El Paso Field Director:

I write to ask for the immediate release of Kumar Jagdish (A#206-524-999). Kumar has been detained at the El Paso Detention Center since June of 2013, when he, along with his partner, presented himself at the port of entry. In July, Kumar passed his credible fear interview and provided ICE with information as to his sponsor in the United States, yet ICE refuses to release him.

Kumar, 27, fled India after it became clear that both he and his partner were in danger. Several times Kumar was attacked by governmental officials, he has scars all over his body to prove it. By immigration’s own standards, by classifying Tajinder as "Level 1" detainee, ICE admits Kumar is a low-priority case and should therefore release him to his family.

Kumar has family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who have already agreed to sponsor him. ICE's refusal to release Kumar is a clear abuse of power.

Kumar is just one of over 60 Indian nationals currently detained at the El Paso Detention Center; all of them have passed their credible fear interviews and provided necessary documents for release. It is of grave concern for me why, after five months in detention, Kumar has yet to be released?

Kumar does not pose a security risk, his continued detention is NOT in the best interest of the United States. Kumar’s continued detention goes against the memorandums issued by the Department of Homeland Security. I urge immigration to use the discretion at its disposal to bring Kumar home.

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