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#BringThemHome: Karen is Ready to Come Home & Face Arpaio!

Karen Hernandez calls Phoenix, Arizona home, having lived there since barely 5. Last year, just six months before DACA, fearing what Arpaio might do to her, she fled Arizona. Now, a year later she's ready to face all of her fears, Arpaio included, and come home.

Make a call & sign the petition asking ICE and the Obama administration to grant permission for Karen to come home.

Call immigration in D.C. @ 202-732-3000

Sample script: “Hi, I am calling to ask ICE to grant humanitarian parole to Karen Hernandez, who graduated high school in Arizona and left for Mexico just six month before DACA was announced. Her years of living here in the U.S. should not be thrown out just because she was not here on June 15, 2012. Dreamers like Karen should have a way to come home. Please grant her humanitarian parole immediately!"

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The Petition

To John Sandweg, Acting Director of ICE:

I write to ask that you grant humanitarian parole to Karen Johanna Hernandez Rojas so she may return to her family in Phoenix, Arizona and escape violent Sinaloa, where cartel violence is rampant.

Karen, now 21, came to the United Sates with her father when she was only 5 years old looking for a better life. Due to her father’s hard work and daily sacrifice, she was able to focus on school and get through it without a problem.

Karen is a talented artist, winning state-wide art contests as early as her elementary years. In high school, she was asked to paint a mural to decorate it halls, which she named “We are all connected.”

Things changed for Karen during her senior year at Crestview high, not academically really, just life changed. During dinner one night the family saw a news flash, Arapio had conducted another raid and this time it was at her dad’s former job. “From that night on all I could think about was, what if that was my dad? What if he had still been working there? What if Arapio gets my family? The fear of that night was inside of me and that’s why I decided to just leave for Mexico.”

On January 13, 2012, six-months after graduating from Crestview, Karen left for Mexico. At the border she was unable to provide papers, so she was handcuffed and detained over-night. She was told she would be released to Mexico only if she signed a voluntary departure. Now in Sinaloa, Karen has seen family she had not seen in years. She was reunited with her mother and her brother, but she misses her father and her home, which is Phoenix.

Karen is now living in Sinaloa, one of the most violent places in Mexico. Sinaloa is a battleground for cartels, which results in the murder of thousands of innocent people. Karen fears becoming the next victim and never seeing her father and brothers again.

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