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#BringThemHome: Georgia Misses Dreamer Jonathan!

This future software engineer is ready to come home. Living in Georgia since the age of 9 means he has a whole lot of family willing to fight for his return. Like other Dreamers, Jonathan should not be cast aside from making a life in this country he knows as his own. BringJonathanHome!

Make a call & sign the petition asking ICE and the Obama administration to grant permission for Leonardo to come home.

Call immigration in D.C. @ 202-732-3000

Sample script: “Hi, I am calling to ask ICE to grant humanitarian parole to Jonathan Zuniga. Jonathan was honored repeatedly for his studies, athleticism, and contributions to the schools in Georgia. I think Dreamers like him should have a way of coming home. Please grant him humanitarian parole immediately!"

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The Petition

To John Sandweg, Acting Director of ICE:

I write to ask that you grant humanitarian parole to Jonathan Zuniga, and allow for him to come home to his family in Buford, GA. Jonathan is one of many Dreamers who was raised here in the United States yet was forced to go back to his birth country. Jonathan is ready to come home - I urge you to grant his parole request allowing him to do so.

Jonathan, now 23, has lived in Georgia since he was 9-years old. “We tried to come the right way; we applied for a Visa and waited but after 6 months we couldn’t keep waiting.” At months of trying to cross the family was finally successful, they made it Buford, Georgia and began a new life.

It wasn’t until middle school that the reality of being illegal hit Jonathan: “Through the school year we would receive awards and ceremonies were held to honor the students with highest grades or sport achievements. Unfortunately my parents were never able to attend such events because they feared being caught driving without a license and getting deported.”

Realizing that Jonathan’s options would be limited his family once again turned to the U.S. government looking for help. “We tried to find any way we could for me to fix my status, but there was nothing we could do.” All of the stress added up to Jonathan dropping out of high school for a semester. He fought through and, in no time he was enrolled in Flowery Branch High. There he became president of the French Club and signed up for several math club competitions, Science Olympiad and Chess Club, not to mention community service at his church.

In May of 2008, just after graduation, Jonathan bid a heartfelt goodbye to life in Georgia, hoping he could make something of himself in Mexico. After nearly 5 years he’s still struggling to make it. “It has been an uphill battle to just survive, having to balance life, work, studies and on top of that learning Spanish, is a struggle.” Living in Mexico has proved to be a dangerous feat for Jonathan, “every once in a while we get phone calls from people asking for money, telling us if we don’t pay they’ll kill us.” Regular death threats have become almost a reality.

“My culture and beliefs differ because I was not raised in Mexico. I grew up all my life thinking I was just like my friends, I've even lived with an American family for my last years in the Georgia; all I want is to be back home with my family and friends where I belong.” Bring Jonathan back to the safety of his home in Buford, Georgia!

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