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Interfaith Sign On Letter: Bring Home the Dream 9

The Dream 9 have been sent to Eloy Detention Center.

We are asking all members of the interfaith community to come out and join us in calling for the immediate release of the Dream 9.

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To President Obama & Peter Vincent, Office of General Counsel:

We, as people of faith and moral conscience, ask for the immediate release of the DREAM 9, the undocumented youth who were detained attempting to come home through the Nogales port of entry on July 22nd, 2013. All nine detainees, Lulu Martinez, A# 204-785-765, Lizbeth Mateo, A# 087-757-237, Marco Saavedra, A# 200-203-132, Ceferino Santiago A# 205-991-103, Maria Peniche, A# 205-935-698, Luis Leon, A# 205-642-742 Adriana Gil Diaz, A#205-735-699, Claudia Amaro, A#098-725-748, and Mario Felix, A# 205-935-700, have lived in the United States since they were children, would otherwise qualify for the DREAM Act and consider America to be their home.

Our faith and moral traditions inspire us to stand up for these detainees who deserve to be home with their families and part of our communities. In all our faith traditions we are taught to love our neighbor and protect the human dignity of every person. We applaud your leadership to see to the passage of immigration reform that would make the US a more welcoming nation and fully recognize the humanity and dignity of all those who call it home. We believe you have the moral responsibility to do what is in your power today to bring these nine young people home and reduce the suffering caused by unjust deportation.

Each of these young people deserves to be admitted as a humanitarian parolee. One was the Valedictorian at her high school graduation, another a track star, another starts law school on August 12th, another volunteered for the City of Wichita translating public records forms, several received academic scholarships, most volunteered in schools and churches, one was a model United Nations Ambassador, all worked in community service programs and distinguished themselves as future leaders in their communities.

We, the undersigned, firmly believe that all nine should be immediately released from the Eloy Detention Center, where they have been held since their detention on July 22nd. Their detention comes as a surprise to all of us, especially given the fact that none of the 9 have a record that would make them a flight risk or any sort of danger to the community. To the contrary, all nine were presenting themselves in order to come home, making them unlikely to ever flee.

We, as people of faith and moral conscience, support the plight of the Dream 9 and ask that your administration take immediate action to bring them home.

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