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Solidarity Hunger Strike: Senator Menendez, Support the Dream 30

Join a day-long hunger strike to support the Dream 30. As of Monday, October 28th, all of the detained #Dream30 are on a hunger strike; they are calling on Senator Menendez to take a stand and support their release.

Take the Pledge: Join the Solidarity Hunger Strike to Bring the Dream 30 home!

I am showing my support for the Dream 30 by doing a day long hunger strike in solidarity with the Dreamers. During my hunger strike, I pledge to talk to at least 5 people, explain why I am taking action and ask that they make a call to the Senator, urging him to support the Dream 30.

Call the Senator @ 202-224-4744

"Hi, I understand all of the #Dream30 are now on a hunger strike asking your boss to support them. Why won't the senator support the community? I am joining them in solidarity and will tell my friends about this."

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The Petition

To Senator Bob Menendez:

I am writing to let the Senator know that I will be doing a hunger strike in solidarity with the Dreamers who turned themselves in at the Laredo Point of Entry in Texas, asking to be allowed to come back home.

The Dream 30 are Americans; they’ve lived here in the United States since they were as young as 1.These young people want nothing more than to return to their families and to be able to contribute to their communities.

When I called the Senator's office earlier, I was told he is in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, but yet has not made a statement on the Dream 30. I don't understand how he could support immigration reform, yet not come out in support of these young people.

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