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Bring Elvira Arellano Home! #Reforma150

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President Obama stated he wants a more "humane" approach to his deportation program. What better way to show he means it then by allowing for Elvira Arellano to return home.

Elvira is the original immigrant in this struggle, she's the first person we think of when we think about Obama's deportation policies. Now it's America's chance to fix this wrong, and bring Elvira home!

Take Action & call these leaders, and ask them to take a stand for Elvira:

1.  Senator Dick Durbin @ (202) 224-2152
2.  Rep. Luis Gutierrez @ (202) 225-8203

"Hi, I was calling to find out whether the member was going to intervene in Elvira Arellano's case? She just turned herself in at the Port of Entry, asking for parole. Will the member call on President Obama to allow her to come home?

Elvira should never have been deported, will the member take action so she isn't deported a second time?"

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The Petition

To President Obama, Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, and Field Director Aki:

I write to ask for the immediate parole of Elvira Arellano, her son Saul, a United States citizen, and her 4-month old baby boy. Elvira, TIME Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year, was wrongly deported in 2007 after seeking sanctuary in a Chicago church. Earlier this month President Obama announced that his administration would begin to approach deportation policy in a more “humane” way. Allowing Elvira, and the mothers and children with her, to come home is the first action the President should take to deliver on his promise. President Obama, bring Elvira home.

Elvira was first ordered deported in 2002 after a sweep of the O’Hare International Airport, where she worked as a janitor. In 2006, her plight ignited the immigrants' rights movement when she chose to stand up and fight against her deportation. 'I knew there was nothing I could legally do for my case, but politically we had a lot to gain.'' Elvira’s long battle to fight her deportation ended after a year inside of a Chicago church, seeking sanctuary. In 2007, Elvira was deported while visiting churches in the Los Angeles area.

Now is the time for President Obama to right the wrong that was the deportation of this brave women, Elvira Arellano. Elvira fought with all of her strength to stay with her family, and her struggle shines along with the other families who are joining with her in the fight to come home. By allowing Elvira to return, America is once again standing alongside those struggling to breathe free. Elvira has given thousands the hope to keep fighting. Today we stand by her, and ask that you take immediate action to bring Elvira Arellano home.

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