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#BringThemHome: Cesar Ortiz, Future Architect from Columbus, Ohio!

For nearly 13 years, Cesar called Columbus, Ohio home. Fed up after being denied a simple drivers permit, he took off to Mexico. He went through the fight of his life, beating cancer on his own, now he's ready to fight to come home to his family. BringCesarHome

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DC ICE @ 202-732-3000

Sample script: “Hi, I am calling to ask ICE to grant humanitarian parole to Cesar Ortiz, who lived in the U.S. from the age of 4 until he was 17 years old and lost hope. He is a recent cancer survivor who needs to be back with his parents and siblings in Ohio. Dreamers like Cesar should have a way to come home. Please grant him humanitarian parole immediately!"

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The Petition

To John Sandweg, Acting Director of ICE:

I write to ask that you grant humanitarian parole to Cesar Ortiz, and allow for him to come home to his family in Ohio. Cesar is one of many Dreamers who was raised here in the United States yet was forced to go back to his birth country. Cesar is ready to come home - I urge you to grant his parole request allowing him to do so.

Cesar, now 20, was brought to the United States when he was just 4-years old. He lived in Ohio until the age of 16, when, after his sophomore year at the Horizon Science Academy, he realized he had hit a brick wall. He realized, because of his legal status, he would not be able to obtain a driver’s license or attend college.

Faced with this obstacle, at the age of 17, Cesar decided to return to his home country of Mexico. "I just jumped on a plane and left. I didn’t think I had a life left for me in the U.S." Arriving in Mexico Cesar realized life was nothing like what he imagined. "Things here in Mexico were so much different than anything I could have imagined."

Cesar enrolled in school and made his parents very proud by graduating, however soon thereafter they got the news that he had testicular cancer. "I realized I would be fighting this alone, thousands of miles from my parents and anyone who knew me." After a surgery and four months of chemotherapy, supported by his parents via Skype, Cesar was finally able to beat the cancer.

"This experience made me realize that life here in Mexico is just not for me. It isn’t safe for me here. I feel like an outcast, living in a completely different country where I don’t have anyone. I need to be with my brother and sister and my parents. I want to be safe in their hands again. I am tired of being with my family through a computer."

If allowed to come back to the U.S., Cesar hopes to be able to continue his studies by going to college and becoming an architect. "I want to repay my community in Columbus for everything it has taught me." I urge you to grant Cesar’s request for parole, and that you allow for him to come home.

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