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#BringThemHome: Brandol "Talamontes Murdered My Uncle!"

Life in Mexico has never been safe for Brandol. Leaving his, North Carolina, home of 17 years, he was greeted in Mexico with news of his uncle's murder. They killed his uncle because he was trying to protect their town from tree-robbers. Brandol is ready to come home.

Make a call & sign the petition asking ICE and the Obama administration to grant permission for Brandol to come home. 

Call immigration in D.C. @ 202-732-3000

Sample script: “Hi, I am calling to ask ICE to grant humanitarian parole to Brandol Hernandez, who graduated high school in Georgia and left for Mexico just one month before DACA was announced. His 17 years of living here in the U.S. should not be thrown out just because he was not here on June 15, 2012. Dreamers like Brandol should have a way to come home. Please grant him humanitarian parole immediately!"

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The Petition

To John Sandweg, Acting Director of ICE:

I write to ask that you grant humanitarian parole to Brandol Hernandez, and allow for him to come home to his family in Bunn, North Carolina. Brandol is one of many Dreamers who was raised here in the United States, yet was forced to go back to his birth country.

Brandol, now 20, has only ever lived three years in Mexico. He remembers growing up, hearing stories about the dangerous trip into America atop his mom’s shoulder. Having been only 2 at the time he remembers none of it. Growing up, recognizing his parent’s sacrifices, Brandol made it a point to always strive to be the best he could be. All through elementary school, middle school and even high school he received accolades for his achievements, always being placed in advance classes.

As graduation from high school neared, Brandol found his biggest hurdle to be completing a college application without a social security number. After weeks of searching he finally found two schools that would take him, Vance-Granville and Wake Tech. After meeting with a counselor he learned that the school would have to treat him as a foreign student, meaning he’d have to pay nearly $4,000 a semester. “Faced with this reality, I decided to lay off college for a while and work. On June 11, 2011 I proudly graduated from Bunn High School being the first of my family to ever graduate high school.”

A year after graduating, in May of 2012, Brandol decided to leave North Carolina for Mexico. “It wasn’t until I tried to join the military that I realized how limited I was. This was the first time it struck me that I would never be able to do anything in my life because I was born in Mexico.”

The reality of life in Michoacán, Mexico hit Brandol as soon as he landed; he was told his closest uncle had been murdered. “He was murdered by Talamontes that entered our pueblo in order to forcefully cut down trees from our forests. These Talamontes work with the narco-traffickers, who pretty much govern all of Mexico.” After his uncle’s murdered Brandol’s family in Michoacán received many calls by his killers.  “They told us they knew our entire family and that they would not rest until we were all six feet under.”

Brandol needs your help to come back home to Bunn, North Carolina. After his uncle’s death he tried to enroll in college, only to be told that, even in Mexico, he’d be treated as a foreign student. “They told me I would have to enroll in high school again to validate my studies. I feel like a foreigner here, all of my memories, my family, my whole life is in Bunn. Being born elsewhere should not deprive me of my hopes to keep studying in the U.S.” Bring Brandol home!

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