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Grant Humanitarian Parole: Bring the #Dream30 Home!

On Monday, September 30th the #Dream30 turned themselves in at the Laredo Port of Entry asking for permission to be allowed to come home.

Sign the petition & Make a call asking for their immediate release!

Call Washington D.C. ICE @ 202-732-3000
Call Washington ICE: 202-732-3100
Call Rep. Cuellar @ (202) 225-1640

"Hi, I was calling to ask that the Dream 30 be allowed to come home to their families. All 30 have grown up here. They are not a flight risk, they should be allowed to come home to their families in the U.S."


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The Petition

To President Obama & Peter Vincent, Office of General Counsel, Acting Director Sandweg:

I write to ask that you allow the Dream 30 to come home, to reunite with their families here in the United States.

These student’s stories mimic the stories of Dreamers still living here in the States. They have the same dreams, aspirations, hopes and fears. They represent the very real struggle many in our community go through, living as outsiders in what they consider home. This frustration is what forced many to leave, while others were deported.

The Dream 30 are Americans; they’ve lived here in the United States since they were as young as 1. Most struggle to speak in their native tongue, facing discrimination in their native countries. Some have been rejected from schools, being told they are ‘foreign students,’ told they must re-do high school or other schooling in order to prove they can handle it. This all because, even in their native country, the Dream 30 are considered American.

When we hear your administration talk about Dreamers, and what they have to provide for this country, we think of students like Marco. Marco was raised in Dallas, Texas, he grew up knowing he’d go to college and become something. At every turn came a road block and in May of 2012, just a month before DACA, Marco left for Mexico. Life in Mexico never improved for him, he wasn’t able to attend college, stuck just working, and then DACA happened and Marco saw all of his friends move forward.

Marco’s Dreams are no different than the next person. Marco has Dreams of becoming a doctor, working with disabled children. The Dream 30 all have Dreams of giving back to their communities, here in America. I urge you to grant discretion for Marco and all of the Dream 30; Bring Them Home.

I urge for you to open a door for talented young people like Marco. Young people who are American, who want nothing more than to be able to contribute to their communities. If allowed to return, Marco hopes to one day become a doctor working with children with disabilities. The plight and story of the Dream 30 is in line with Marco’s. I believe they should be allowed to seek the American Dream.

Please allow for the Dream 30 to come home. #BringThemHome

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